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 Deadline for submitting documents

All transcripts and educational documents must be submitted 60 days after submitting your application or by your program's  application deadline, whichever comes sooner. Please monitor MyNAIT portal to determine your deadlines. If your documents are not submitted by this deadline, your application may be cancelled.

Applicants to Health and Life Sciences programs that require a program interview will have 30 days after submitting your application.

How to submit international transcripts and educational documents

After submitting your application to NAIT, follow the steps below or watch this video on how to submit your transcripts and educational documents. Your application is incomplete until NAIT has received all required documents.

  • Step 1: Gather required documents
  • Step 2: Confirm whether you meet English language standards
  • Step 3: Translate documents to English
  • Step 4: Upload unofficial documents (copies of original documents)
  • Step 5: Order and submit official documents

Step 1: Gather required documents 

If you studied at a school outside Canada, you will need to submit your transcripts and educational documents so NAIT can complete an international assessment for admission.

Find document requirements by country

Select the country of your previous education to see what documents are required. Higher education documents are only applicable if you have completed post-secondary such as university, college, etc. 

CountrySecondary school (high school) documents requiredHigher education (post-secondary) documents required
American Pattern of Secondary Education
  • Graduation certificate (may be requested), and

  • Academic transcript

  • Intermediate Examination Certificate and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), and

  • Mark sheets issued by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

  • Final or provisional graduation certificate (diploma, bachelor, masters), and

  • Individual mark sheet or result card for each year of study listing all subjects and grades

  • Certificate of Completion of Secondary Education (Certificado de Conclusão de Curso) or Title of Technician (Título de Técnico), and

  • Academic transcript (Histórico Escolar)

  • Degree or Diploma parchment (Título de Tecnólogo, Bacharel or Licenciado), and

  • Academic transcript or grade report (Histórico Escolar or Ensino Médio)


All other countries

If your country is not listed above, you will need to collect all your secondary (high school) transcripts or mark sheets. If you attended post-secondary, please gather your transcripts (grade reports) and parchment which was issued to you as part of your previous studies.   Be sure to submit all relevant documents that you have received so your application is not delayed.

If you completed your education in two or more countries or schools, please provide all supporting documents from those countries.

If your name is different than what is on your transcript, please include proof of name change (eg. marriage certificate). 

Alternate external assessments accepted by NAIT

As an alternative to submitting official transcripts, NAIT will accept a course-by-course assessment  done by:

No other assessments or evaluations will be accepted for admission to NAIT. WES or ECE assessments may be submitted to NAIT electronically through the provider.

Note: if you submit an external assessment without your Grade Point Average (GPA) calculated, you must submit official transcripts to NAIT for GPA calculation.

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Step 2: Confirm whether you meet English language standards

NAIT offers instruction in English only. If your previous education was completed in a country not listed on the exempt country list, you may also need to submit proof of English Language Proficiency (ELP).

You can take this quick ELP self-assessment to check whether you satisfy ELP requirements.

  • If your results show that you need to take an ELP assessment test, be prepared to provide your ELP test results. Following your test, you can have your results sent electronically to NAIT.
  • Alternatively, your results may show that you only need to submit your transcripts at this time.

Learn more about ELP assessment tests

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Step 3: Translate documents to English

If your transcripts or educational documents are in a language other than English, you will need to get them translated to English by a certified translator (signed and stamped) before submitting them. Translations must:

  • be completed by a certified translator
  • include the membership number of a professional translation association
  • be a literal, word-for-word translation
  • be signed and stamped on each page

NAIT requires both the original language documents (either notarized/certified true copies or the originals) and their translated versions. Please remember to submit both versions.

Please note that should the accuracy of the translation appear suspect, NAIT reserves the right to request a retranslation. NAIT does not provide translation services on campus.

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Step 4: Upload unofficial documents

We can complete an initial review of your application using copies (scanned or photocopied versions) of your original documents. We call these copies “unofficial documents.” By submitting your unofficial documents, you can receive a conditional offer of admission.

How to upload your documents as an international student

  1. Scan both sides of your translated and untranslated documents in colour (even if one side is blank) 
  2. Log in to MyNAIT portal
  3. Select "Open Self Service"
  4. Select the "Admissions" tile
  5. Select "Submission of Documents" (on left panel)
  6. Select the blue [+] to add and upload your required document(s).

You can also watch this video of how to upload your documents.

Unofficial vs. official documents

Unofficial documents are scanned, electronic uploads, or photocopied versions of the original paper documents. You can only be considered for conditional admission with these documents.

Official documents are your original educational documents which must be physically sent to NAIT’s Office of the Registrar. Physical copies are in a sealed, unopened envelope. Official documents must be received by NAIT to receive a full offer of admission.

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Step 5: Order and submit official documents

To finalize a full offer of admission, you must order and submit your official documents to NAIT. Official documents must be their original state (sealed, unopened envelope) sent directly to NAIT from the issuing institution or are certified true copies by a Notary Public. Please plan to have your transcripts submitted to NAIT.

NAIT requires both your translated transcripts/documents and official untranslated versions. 

Options for submitting your official documents to NAIT:

  1. Have the issuing institution mail or courier original paper transcripts directly to NAIT; or
  2. Mail notarized copies of the original documents to NAIT; or
  3. Deliver sealed or notorized documents in person to NAIT’s Student Service Centre.

Documents mailed or delivered in person become the property of NAIT and will not be returned to applicants. For international documents, it’s recommended to provide notarized copies of the original documents along with translations, as these will not be returned. 

Notarized documents is a great option if you only have one copy of your official documents – see green box below.

Effective March 1, 2024, official documents submitted in person to the Student Service Centre become the property of NAIT and will not be returned.

Where to send your paper transcripts

When mailing your documents, please include your NAIT ID number and full name within the package. 

Mailing Address
NAIT Office of the Registrar
11762 106 Street NW
Room T409
Edmonton, AB
T5G 3H1

Courier Delivery (Open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. – noon MST):
ATTN: Office of the Registrar
NAIT Distribution Centre
11940 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB
T5G 2T8

Notarized documents

If you only have one copy of your official documents, please do not send us the original copy. Instead, you can mail a notarized copy.

A notarized copy – also called a certified true copy – is a copy of a document that a Notary Public has verified and certified (dated, signed, stamped) as an accurate copy of the original. To get a notarized copy, bring your original official documents and a photocopied version to a Notary Public.

NAIT does not accept copied documents signed by Commissioner for Oaths.

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What's next?

After submitting all required transcripts and educational documents, continue to monitor your To Do list and application status within your MyNAIT portal. You will receive an e-letter once an admissions decision is made. Learn how to accept your offer. After accepting your offer, most international students will need to apply for a study permit.

Learn about visas and study permits

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