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Accepting Your Offer

Evaluating your program choices

 NAIT evaluates applications on a first choice/second choice basis.

  • First choice: You may include two program choices on your application and indicate one as your first choice and one as your second choice. We will always evaluate your first choice program first. If you receive an offer of admission to your first choice, we will not assess your second choice, regardless of whether you choose to accept your first offer or not.

  • Second choice: We will only evaluate your second choice program if we are unable to admit you into your first choice.

After you apply, you can request to change your application program choices. However, requests are only honoured until you are admitted into one of your programs. At that point, you will need to reapply and pay the application fee again.

To request a change, you will need to fill out the Program Choice Change Form. Instructions for how to submit the document are found on the form.

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If you are accepted into your first choice program, you have 30-days or until the tuition deadline, whichever comes first, to accept the offer of admission. If you fail to meet the deadline, your offer will be cancelled.

To secure your spot, pay the tuition deposit for your first choice program and cancel your second choice application through APAS.

Cancelling your application

If you wish to cancel your application all together, you may do so through APAS. You may also submit a cancellation request to Student Services by email or in person, but your APAS account is the quickest and most efficient way.

Pay the tuition deposit for your second choice program within 30-days of receiving your offer of acceptance or until the tuition deadline, whichever comes first. Doing so reserves your seat in the program.

Your application to your first choice will not be cancelled by paying this deposit.

You must pay the tuition deposit on your first choice, even if you've already paid the deposit on your second choice.

Admission to your second choice program will automatically be cancelled when you pay this new deposit. Any deposits paid on the second choice program for that term will be credited to your account.

Simply select the program you would like to attend and pay the tuition deposit.

Email the Student Service Centre or visit the Student Service Centre in the Centre of Applied Technology on Main Campus to request to have your other applications cancelled.

After reviewing your application, if we determine that we are unable to offer you admission in both your first and your second choices, we may provide you with an alternate offer of admission to a related NAIT program.

You may be ineligible for the program(s) you selected on your application because:

  • You do not meet the minimum entrance requirements, and your application has been cancelled.
  • You do not meet the competitive entrance requirements, and you are on a non-competitive waiting list.
  • The program is currently full, and you have been waitlisted.

Prior to accepting your alternate offer of admission, please be sure to learn more about this alternate program by visiting the program webpage, or by contacting or visiting the Student Service Centre.


To accept the alternate offer of admission, you will be required to pay a tuition deposit by the deadline on your MyNAIT Portal. Paying the deposit on the alternate offer will not impact your current application.


To decline the alternate offer of admission, you can send an email to requesting cancellation, or you can simply choose to not pay your tuition deposit by your deadline, and the Office of the Registrar will cancel your application when the deposit is past due.

The decision to offer admission to an alternate program is not available to all students is only available for select programs upon the discretion of the NAIT Office of the Registrar. Applicants cannot request to be considered for an alternate offer.

If you are eligible for an alternate program offer, it will be presented automatically through the MyNAIT Portal. Students who wish to apply for admission to additional programs proactively may do so through ApplyAlberta.

Tuition deposit payments

After receiving a letter with an offer of admission, you’ll need to pay the required tuition deposit by the deadline displayed on your MyNAIT Portal under “Make a Payment.”

Tuition deposits must be paid by the deadline displayed in your MyNAIT Portal. In all cases, tuition deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


The Office of the Registrar will admit or conditionally admit applicants into programs until the program is full. Once a program is full, qualified applicants are placed on a waitlist.

NAIT maintains two different types of waitlists; one for competitive programs, and one for non-competitive programs.

  • Competitive Programs
    Programs with a competitive entrance manage waitlists according to applicants overall average of the program’s required courses. Applicants that meet the competitive average are placed on a competitive waitlist; applicants that meet the minimum requirements are placed on a non-competitive waitlist. An applicant’s waitlist position is determined by an overall average of the specific courses required by the program.
  • Non-competitive Programs
    Programs with a non-competitive entrance manage waitlists according to the date a complete application was received. 

Frequently asked questions

When do you offer admission off of a waitlist?

Offers of admission to applicants on a waitlist are made as and when seats become available. This may happen at any time during the application cycle, even on the day before or on class start, and in some instances after the program has started. Waitlisted applicants should be prepared to receive an offer of admission at any time.

What factors affect when you offer admission off of a waitlist?

Accepted applicants may decline/lose their seat in a program for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Failure to pay the tuition deposit
  • Acceptance into another program
  • Failure to enrol
  • Failure to pay tuition
  • Acceptance into another post-secondary institution

What are the chances I'll be admitted off of a waitlist?

The probability of being admitted off a waitlist is dependent on highly variable factors such as the number of spaces that become available, and the total number of qualified applicants. These factors are unpredictable and can change quickly.

Is it possible to know what my ranking is on the waitlist?

We do not release ranking information to applicants on the waitlist. Waitlist position is dynamic and can change daily based on the number of qualified applicants that apply to a program, and factors contingent on the decisions of admitted applicants.

If I receive an offer of admission off of a waitlist, how will this be communicated to me?

Offers of admission that occur before the tuition payment deadline for the term of admittance will be communicated to the applicant’s MyNAIT Portal. Offers of admission that occur after the tuition payment deadline for the term of admittance will be communicated by telephone. Admissions Officers will work through the waitlist by ranking until an applicant accepts the offer of admission, we do not leave voicemail messages.

The phone number listed on the applicant’s APAS application is the phone number that is used to contact the applicant, unless the applicant has updated their contact information with the Office of the Registrar. To review or update your contact information, please visit your MyNAIT Portal.

Can I improve my spot on a waitlist?

For competitive programs, it is possible for applicants to improve their competitive average through upgrading courses or by challenging a NAIT equivalency test. As upgraded or new course marks are received, the application is re-reviewed which may improve waitlist position.

In the case of upgrading courses, it is essential for applicants to upload proof of enrolment and progress report marks to their MyNAIT Portal. For more information, learn about how to submit documents.

What should I do to prepare for an offer if I am on a waitlist?

Offers of admission off of a waitlist can happen at any time during the application cycle. Waitlisted applicants should be prepared to enrol in courses and pay for first semester tuition in the event they receive an offer of admission. If you are applying for Student Aid Alberta, you can apply before you have received acceptance to the program.

What should I do if I am no longer interested in being on a waitlist?

To cancel your application or remove yourself from a waitlist, please submit an online contact form