Authorized International Agents

NAIT has Authorized Agents around the world to assist prospective international students who plan to apply to NAIT. Representatives can assist prospective students with:

  • NAIT applications (tuition fees, forms and program information)
  • transcript certification (NAIT requires original transcripts when applying for a NAIT program; NAIT also accepts photocopies of transcripts if they are provided with our Authorized Agents' stamp on the photocopies)
Last Updated: December 2020
Agent Name Office Location Languages Spoken
Can-Achieve International Education Ltd. (WeChat: 010-58699445) China, Vietnam Mandarin, Vietnamese, English
Canadian University Application Centre UAE, Vietnam, China (see website for full list) English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam, Ga, Twi, Mandarin, Malagasy, Urdu, Sinhala, Vietnamese, Khmer, Shona
Canam Consultants Ltd. (ICCRC Certified) India English
Emigrate to Canada Consultancy Services S.A. de C.V. (ICCRC Certified) Mexico Spanish, English
Four Seasons Immigration and Study Services (ICCRC Certified) Philippines English, Tagalog
Fuyun Enterprise Edmonton Mandarin, English
Global YouCanLearn (WhatsApp: +16474699254) Mexico Spanish, English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French
Jain Overseas (ICCRC Certified) India Punjabi, Hindi, English
JAJ International Connection Ltd. (WhatsApp: +17804972082) Edmonton Spanish, English
Kanada Kültür Merkezi Turkey Turkish, English
Kanan International Pvt. Ltd. (ICCRC Certified) India English
New Bridge International Consulting Corp. Edmonton Mandarin, English
Studee Ecuador Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian
Stu-view Overseas Service (ICCRC Certified) South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil English, Korean, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Indonesian
Viet Travel Vietnam, Edmonton Vietnamese, English

Release of Personal Information

International applicants who work with authorized agents must give them permission to release their personal information by submitting a NAIT Confirmation form. The Authorized Agent will provide the applicant with this form.

International applicants who work with agents who are not authorized by NAIT must give the agent permission to release their personal information by submitting the Disclosure of Personal Information form to Student Services.