Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management

Advancing the disaster and emergency management profession

CADEM offers hands-on training, professional development in a collaborative environment, and innovative solutions that reflect current global best practices.

Certificates & Courses

Incident Command System (ICS) Training

Incident Command System (ICS) training is foundational for Emergency Response and critical to creating a strong emergency response strategy.   Find out more

Crisis Communications Certificate

NAIT’s Crisis Communications courses have been designed to ensure that crisis management professionals are prepared to execute a successful communications response when disaster strikes.   Find out more

Crisis Management Essentials Certificate

NAIT’s Crisis Management Essentials Certificate provides you with the leadership skills needed before, during and after a crisis to effectively address the needs of a complex organization.   Find out more

Business Continuity Certificate

While an organization cannot predict the next disruption, building capacity to continue to meet its operational goals is vital. Business Continuity can minimize disruption and increase resiliency.   Find out more

Emergency Management in Remote, Rural, and Distinct Communities Certificate

DEM focuses on preventing, preparing, responding, and recovering from hazard events. However, its uniform approach often fails to address isolated, marginalized, or culturally distinct communities.   Find out more

Simulation Lab

CADEM's cornerstone is an Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) Simulation Lab, tailor-built to provide an immersive learning environment that enables users to: 

  • model real life scenarios
  • refine processes and collaborate as a team
  • enhance their ability to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency and disaster events

The ECC Lab can be used for training, plan development, and as an alternate ECC should our partners require a hot site to support continuity of operations.

For more information about the Simulation Lab, please contact continuingeducation@nait.ca.


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People working in the Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management Simulation Lab.

Emergency Management Exercises

Training exercises provide an opportunity to test plans and processes in a learning-focused environment. Leveraging CADEM’s Emergency Coordination Centre Simulation Lab and faculty expertise, we are uniquely positioned to design, facilitate, and evaluate training exercises to ensure client compliance with professional body requirements and provincial and federal regulations. CADEM supports the spectrum of discussion-based and operation-based exercises using full simulation in our Lab, in classroom settings on campus, and through custom exercise delivery at the client’s site. CADEM follows the industry-leading Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) for the development, facilitation, and evaluation of its exercises. All exercises include a full debrief with participants. 

Tabletop Exercises (TTX)

A TTX is typically held in an informal setting intended to generate discussion of various issues regarding a hypothetical, simulated emergency. TTXs can be used to enhance general awareness, validate plans and procedures, rehearse concepts, and/or assess the types of systems needed to guide the prevention of, protection from, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from a defined incident. Generally, TTXs are aimed at facilitating conceptual understanding, identifying strengths and areas for improvement, and/or achieving changes in attitudes. 

Functional Exercises

Functional exercises are designed to validate and evaluate capabilities, multiple functions and/or sub-functions, or interdependent groups of functions. Functional exercises are typically focused on exercising plans, policies, procedures, and staff members involved in management, direction, command, and control functions. In functional exercises, events are projected through an exercise scenario with event updates that drive activity at the management level. A functional exercise is conducted in a realistic, real-time environment; however, movement of personnel and equipment is usually simulated. 

CADEM’s team works directly with clients to ensure that all our exercises are designed to meet regulatory requirements applicable to each client’s unique situation. CADEM will also provide a lessons-identified report delivered to the client upon request. 

Two people talking to each other during an emergency mangement exercise.
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