Student Services FAQ

Here are some answers to some of the common questions we are currently receiving. You may also view these FAQs for international students and the COVID-19 information for students page.

If your questions aren't answered below, please continue to the Contact Form to submit your inquiry. Requests are typically processed within 3 to 5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to process my application?

We recommend that you apply as early as possible. Space in some programs fills up very quickly. On average, applications can take between 15 to 90 days to process. After submitting your application, please provide all necessary documents (transcripts, ELP test results, etc.) as soon as possible. This can help speed up the processing time of your application.  We encourage applicants to check their MyNAIT Portal regularly after applying, as all updates to applications will be posted there.   

What should I do after I submit my application?

We encourage you to frequently check your Application Status and To Do List on your MyNAIT portal. Your To Do List identifies what is missing from your application – please read this list carefully. You may have an outstanding item(s) on your To Do List which needs to be submitted by the posted due date to complete yourr NAIT application. By frequently checking these items, you can monitor your application’s progress and keep your application in contention.

To view your Application Status and To Do List items, login to MyNAIT portal, select Open Self Service on the right (blue button), choose Admissions, and select your program of choice.

How do I submit documents?

This will depend on whether you completed your education in Alberta, another Canadian province or outside of Canada.  View additional details about submitting documents based on which of these categories applies to you.  

What does my application status mean?

You can view your application status by logging into your MyNAIT Portal and selecting open self service, followed by admissions. Your application status will remain as “applicant” until it has been reviewed by our admissions team.  Once reviewed, the status and to-do list items will be updated.  We recommend that applicants regularly check their portal during the application process, as to-do list items will have due dates that need to be met or your application will be cancelled.  

What does it mean to be waitlisted?

NAIT has two types of waitlists: program full waitlisted and non-competitive waitlisted.   

If you are on the program full waitlist, you meet all program requirements, but the program does not have any seats available. If a spot in the program becomes available, it will be offered to a student on the waitlist.   

If you are on the non-competitive waitlist, you have not met the competitive entrance requirements. Students who meet the competitive entrance requirements will be accepted first, and if there is space left in the program, those spots will be offered to non-competitive applicants.  

Please note that NAIT does not release waitlist positions. Open seats are filled on an ongoing basis throughout the year. More information on the waitlist process can be found in these frequently asked questions.   

How do I know if my mailed documents have been received?

It can take 10 to 15 business days for documents received by NAIT to be uploaded to your application on the portal. Once uploaded, you can view your documents on your MyNAIT Portal by selecting open self service followed by admissions, then NAIT submission of documents

How do I satisfy the English language proficiency requirement?

Generally, if you have completed 3 years of full-time consecutive academic studies where the language of instruction was in English (excluding English as a second language or ESL courses) and your country is on the exempt country list, you will not be required to provide additional proof of English language proficiency. Full-time study for English language proficiency purposes is defined as successfully completing 3 courses per term for 6 terms over a span of 3 years. 

If you cannot meet the English Language Proficiency requirement using your previous education, please view this English language proficiency information for details on the different methods for meeting English language proficiency.   

Do I need to write diploma exams to be eligible for admission?

NAIT accepts the final grade that is determined by Alberta Education and appears on your Alberta Education transcript, regardless of whether students students have written their diploma exams.

If I have submitted official documents for a previous application, do I need to resubmit them if I apply again?

We do keep your official documents on file from previous applications and will be able to use them for any future application. Please note that accepted documents to meet English Language Proficiency (ELP) is subject to change each academic year, so previously submitted ELP documents may no longer be valid. 

If it has been a significant amount of time since you last applied, please reach out to the Student Service Centre to confirm if your documents are still accessible. 

Student financial account

How do I opt out of mandatory fees?

You can opt out of the medical and dental fees if you have pre-existing coverage. You will need to complete the opt out form by the deadline to have the fees removed from your account.   

You are not able to opt out of the NAITSA or recreation and athletics fee as these fees are mandatory for all students.  More information on mandatory fees can be found here

How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your refund to be processed.  Refunds are processed back to the original form of payment.  View our refund policy for more information.  

I am being sponsored or have funding - is there anything I need to do?

If you are being sponsored, please ensure the third-party sponsorship forms have been submitted by your organization before the tuition deadline each term. Once the sponsorship forms are added to your account, you will see a sponsorship indicator on your MyNAIT Portal under self service, then funding. This indicator must be added by the tuition deadline each term, or you are at risk of being cancelled. Find out how to submit your funding information here.   

If you are an open studies student or apprenticeship student, and have been approved for Alberta student aid funding, please contact the Student Service Centre to have this information added to your account prior to enrolling.   

If you are in a degree, diploma or certificate program and have Alberta student aid funding, it will be confirmed 30 days prior to the term starting. Please check your MyNAIT Portal for a funding indicator under self service, then funding.   

We do anticipate delays with confirmation of student loans this semester. If you have approved Alberta student aid for the Spring 2021 term, NAIT can see this and you will not be dropped. If you do not see a service indicator or have not received an eLetter from us on your account after the tuition deadline, it is in your best interest to follow up with us.

If you are receiving funding from another province, please email confirmation of your funding to to have your account updated.   

My student loan will not arrive before the tuition deadline. Do I need to request an extension?

No, you do not need to request a tuition deadline extension.  We will confirm your loan 30 days prior to the term start date (before the tuition deadline). If applying for full time funding, you will need to be enrolled in at least 60% of your course load for NAIT to complete the confirmation.   

When your loan is confirmed, we will send you an e-letter with the amount of funding that has been requested from student aid. We will also place a funding indicator on your account so you will not be cancelled for non-payment.   

You can view the funding indicator on your MyNAIT Portal by clicking self service, then funding. If you are approved for funding and do not see the indicator by tuition deadline, please contact the Student Service Centre.   

What does the financial hold on my account mean?

A financial hold means you have outstanding fees on our account that are past due. Until you pay those fees, you will have reduced access on your MyNAIT portal. For example, you may not be able to enrol in courses or access your grades until the fees are paid.

Once you have paid the financial hold amount on your account, please contact the Student Service Centre to have the financial hold removed. 

How can I get the financial hold removed from my account?

Once you have paid the financial hold amount on your account, please contact the Student Service Centre to have the financial hold removed.  

How do I know if I am selected for a scholarship or a bursary?

If you are selected for a scholarship or bursary, you can expect to see an awards task assigned on your portal. If you have questions about your scholarship or bursary applications, please email  

Where can I get my student aid forms completed?

Student aid forms can be submitted to NAIT using this contact form. Please select submitting a form followed by funding and financial aid

I am experiencing financial difficulties. Who can I contact?

If you’re a NAIT student having financial difficulties, contact a NAIT Funding Advisor to discuss your options. 

My payment is not reflected on my account or I paid twice. How can I fix this?

Please submit an inquiry through the contact form and select student financial account as the main category and I have a problem with my payment as the sub-category. Include the first 4 and last 4 digits of the payment card used, your name and student ID number. The payment should be applied in a few days (or refunded if you paid more than once). 

When and how can I access my tax receipts?

2020 tax receipts are now available through the MyNAIT portal. To access your tax receipt(s): login to your MyNAIT portal > Open Self Service > Financial Account > select NAIT Print T4A Tax Receipt and/or NAIT Print T2202 Tax Receipt.

To receive a student tax receipt, students must be enrolled in a qualified educational program from a certified institution (NAIT) and courses must be at a post-secondary level. The following tax receipts are now available through your MyNAIT portal: 

  • T2202: this receipt includes the amount of tuition that can be deducted and the number of months of enrolment. Academic Upgrading and ESL courses are not eligible for tax receipts. 
  • T4A: if you received a scholarship or bursary from NAIT, you will be issued a T4A statement. 

These tax receipts are for courses taken between January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. 

If you received a scholarship from a provider other than NAIT (for example, Jason Lang, Louise McKinney, or Alexander Rutherford Scholarship), you would receive a tax receipt from this provider (not from NAIT).  

If you cannot access your tax receipts, please clear your web browsers cache, cookies, and history as this often helps load new documentation. After clearing your cache, login again to your MyNAIT portal. If the tax receipts are still not there, please complete a web contact form at  select topic Student Financial Account, and subcategory Where can I find my receipt? 

How will my tuition be calculated for the 2021/2022 academic year?

NAIT will transition to a fee-per-credit tuition model for domestic and international students for the 2021/22 academic year. In this model, students will pay per credit with no tuition cap. All students in a program will pay the same fee per credit, regardless of how many credits they take at once. The 2021/22 tuition rates are posted. You will receive your tuition assessment once you have registered for your courses (based on the cost per credit multiplied by the number of credits per term).

All students are also assessed mandatory fees each term – view course and program fees

Continuing Education

How do I enrol?

You can enrol in continuing education classes through the NAIT website by viewing the class you are interested in, and then selecting the add to cart button and completing the checkout process. Detailed instructions on how to enrol can be found here

Are there funding options available?

NAIT has a flexible payment option for continuing education classes. 10% of the cost is due upon enrolment (as well as material fees if applicable). The remainder of tuition is due 30 days prior to class start date. Student aid funding is not available for continuing education classes.   

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

To be eligible for a refund, you must drop your course at least 10 calendar days before the class start date. Please see the refund policy for more information. 

How do I find out what courses or programs are offered through continuing education?

You can search for programs and courses. Once you have selected a course or program of interest, click on the course or program for detailed information. If you have additional questions, please contact Continuing Education toll-free at 1.(844) 558-8753 or email  

How do I request my certificate after I complete a course or program?

Students who have completed their study through continuing education at NAIT may request a copy of their certification by submitting the completed request for certification - continuing education form to  

Technical Support

My class has disappeared from my Moodle.

If you were previously able to access your class through Moodle, but it is no longer showing as an option, please reach out to your instructor for further assistance.  If your instructor is not able to resolve the issue, please contact our ITS help desk at 780.471.8624 or email

I have a new e-letter, but I cannot open it.

If you are not able to open your e-letter, please clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history and then re-open the web browser. If the problem continues after you have completed these steps, please reach out to our ITS help desk at 780.471.8624 or email

I need help using MyNAIT portal.

You can manage many aspects of your MyNAIT portal, such as viewing grades, payments, enrolments, scholarships, transcripts and more, through the Self-Service options in the portal. 

To assist you in completing these functions, please view the Self-Service Guide in the portal to see what can be found under each option, and step-by step instructions for common inquiries. 


How do I get my Completion Letter to submit to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)?

After your final grades have been posted on your final transcripts, it takes approximately six weeks for the Registrar’s Office to review and confirm program completion. Once this has been completed, you can expect to receive your Completion of Studies letter in your MyNAIT portal under e-letters. Processing time to receive this letter is approximately 6-8 weeks.

How do I extend my study permit?

Review the study permit information for details on how to renew your study permit. 

How do I apply for my Post-Graduation Work Permit?

You can view these step-by-step instructions on how to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit 

Enrolment, transcripts and personal information

How do I enrol?

Enrolment is completed through your MyNAIT Portal. For complete step-by-step instructions, please sign into your portal and select self service guide, then manage classes, followed by how to enrol. Enrolment must be completed by the enrolment deadline for fall and winter terms, or you will be cancelled from the program. For some programs, enrolment will be completed by the program area. Students in these programs will receive email communication from the program area with more information. 

If you have questions about what classes to take in a term, please refer to your program page.   

When enrolling in my classes, how do I know who the instructor will be?

If an instructor has been assigned to the class, there will be a Instructor column with the instructor name listed.

If an instructor has not been confirmed for the class, the Instructor column will not display or it will be listed as Staff until an instructor is confirmed.

How and when can I access online courses?

The program or instructor will send out an email with detailed instructions on the start date of your course. You will be able to see your courses on Moodle on your MyNAIT Portal. If you do not receive any information on the first day, please contact your program directly. 

How do I request a transcript?

Transcripts are $16 per copy and can be requested online through your MyNAIT Portal. Please allow 5 to 7 business days for processing and mailing.   

If you attended NAIT prior to the year 2000, you can request your transcript using the transcript request form.  

Apprentices must request their transcripts through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training

How do I withdraw from a course or program?

Courses can be dropped through the MyNAIT Portal until the drop deadline (12% of the class has elapsed). After that point, please complete the course withdrawal form and submit it to your program area for processing. You can view your enrolment and refund deadlines on your MyNAIT portal by clicking open self service, then manage classes, followed by view my classes and enrolment deadline. International applicants whose study permit is refused by 'Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)' may be eligible for a refund of their international tuition deposit and/or tuition at a prorated amount. Please see here for more information. 

To withdraw from your entire program, please complete the program withdrawal form and submit it to your program area for processing. You can find the refund policy for program withdrawals here.     

Please do not submit the withdrawal forms through the contact form. They need to be submitted directly to your program area. You can find your program contact information on your program page.

How do I update my personal information?

You can update personal details like your phone number, address and email address through the personal information page on your MyNAIT Portal.   

If you are looking to update name or your citizenship information, please upload documentation (legal name change, marriage certificate or passport). You will need to log into the site with your MyNAIT portal username and password.  

How do I request a replacement diploma, degree or certificate?

If your parchment is damaged, lost or destroyed and you would like to request a duplicate, please submit the request for replacement form

When can I expect to receive my diploma, degree or certificate?

Parchments are delivered 8 to 10 weeks following the end of your final term. If you do not receive your parchment within the standard timeframe, please contact the Student Service Centre for assistance. Often, the parchment is returned to NAIT because we do not have a student’s current address. NAIT will keep parchments for 6 months from the date they were returned. 

Please note that processing times for parchments may be extended if you completed your program in the fall 2020 term.  

How do I request a confirmation of enrolment letter?

You can access a confirmation of enrolment letter through your MyNAIT Portal by clicking open self service, then manage classes followed by confirmation of enrolment.   

If this letter is not sufficient, you can submit a request for a confirmation of enrolment letter using this contact form.  Please select the enrolment/education verification category and choose the appropriate subcategory. 

How can I request transfer credit?

If you have previous post-secondary education and want to apply for advanced/ transfer credit, you must first be accepted into a credit program and have paid your non-refundable tuition deposit. Transfer credit is granted per these guidelines, as requirements vary by program. 

Please note that processing time for transfer credit is 4 to 6 weeks, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible.   

How can my employer confirm I completed education at NAIT?

Employers can submit a request to verify a student’s education at NAIT using this contact form and selecting enrolment/ education verification, then education verification for employment

Why is NAIT requesting my social insurance number (SIN)?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires all designated educational institutions in Canada to file the T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Certificates forms. To prepare your T2202 form for the 2019 tax year and upcoming years, your social insurance number (SIN) is required. Please visit the CRA website for more information about this requirement. 

I took all the courses necessary to graduate, but it does not show on my transcript that I have completed my program. Who do I contact?

After your final grades have been posted on your final transcripts, it takes approximately six weeks for the Registrar’s Office to review and confirm program completion. Once this has been completed, please allow for at least two more weeks for the credential notation to be added to your transcript. 

If you have concerns about your eligibility to graduate, please contact your program office.

Why is my class not showing in Moodle?

Your class will not show in Moodle until the first day of class. If it is the first day, and the class is still not showing, please contact your program area directly. You can find your program contact information on the program webpage.

How long can I access courses on Moodle?

Moodle is active for 40 business days after the course ends.  This allows students sufficient time to begin an appeal process if deemed necessary.

Students will have read-only access to their course site for one year after the course end date.


How do I get started as an apprentice?

The first step to become an apprentice is to become employed, and with your employer apply to register as an apprentice with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). Apprenticeship usually begins with a period of work followed by an in-school technical training session. You can view more information on how to get started here

How and when can I access online courses?

The program or instructor will send out an email with detailed instructions on the start date of your course. You will be able to see your courses on Moodle on your MyNAIT Portal. If you do not receive any information by the first day, please contact your program directly. 

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

Once a class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist through your MyTradesecrets profile under the class registration tab.   

Once you are on the waitlist, when a seat opens up, an email will be sent out to all apprentices on the list. The first one to respond to the email will be given the seat. 

How will my course be delivered?

All apprenticeship classes at NAIT are being delivered in a blended format (both online and in-person components), except for Parts Technician, which is completely online.  Schedules for the in-person components will be emailed to students the week before the class start date along with instructions on how to access the online component.   

How do I enrol if I am a sponsored or funded student?

You can still enrol through your MyTradesecrets profile. There is an option on the payment page to upload a copy of the purchase order or authorization letter that was provided by your company or funding organization. Please make sure this document is uploaded at the same time as your enrolment. Failure to provide this information will result in your registration being cancelled.   

If you are approved for Alberta student aid funding, please contact the Student Service Centre before enrolling to ensure your account is updated with this information.   

Where can I find my employment insurance (EI) code?

You can access your sixteen-digit EI reference Code on your MyTradeSecrets account. This information is available on your most recent confirmation of registration letter.   

Alternatively, you can contact the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training office at 1.800.248.4823 for more information. 

How can I obtain my transcript?

If you attended apprenticeship training at NAIT, please request your transcript through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. NAIT cannot issue transcripts for apprenticeship classes.  

How can I book a challenge exam?

All apprenticeship exams are managed by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). Please contact AIT directly at 1.800.248.4823 or visit their website for more information.  

Why was I dropped from the waitlist for the January 2021 class?

In order to ensure students have the opportunity to register in these classes over the holiday break we, had to remove everyone from the waitlist in order to open registration through your My Tradesecrets account. Please log in to your My Tradesecrets account to register if there are seats available, or add yourself to the waitlist if the class is now full again.

What will my blended delivery schedule look like?

You will be sent your schedule on the first day of class. Any questions regarding course delivery can be directed to your program office. The program contact information can be found on your MyNAIT Portal.

Student support and advising services

How can I book an appointment with an academic advisor?

You can book an appointment with an academic advisor through your MyNAIT Portal. If you are a prospective student, please contact the Student Service Centre for more information.   

I feel I have been treated unfairly. What can I do?

You can contact the Ombudsperson and Student Resolution Officer for support. Appointments can be booked through the MyNAIT Portal.   

I am feeling overwhelmed. What services are available?

Your health and well-being are important to us, and we have a number of services available to support you.  

What recreation services are available now?

Keeping our community healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is NAIT’s highest priority. Student recreation programs are currently offered virtually. Current students can access recreation programming by logging in to the MyNAIT Student Portal. 

How do I get involved in the NAIT community (clubs, groups and organizations)?

The NAIT community has many resources and organizations available to students. For more information ons student groups, student clubs and campus organizations, please sign into the MyNAIT portal and select Clubs, Groups and Community.

How do I access career planning resources and supports?

Academic advisors are available to help you with your long-term professional goals, provide feedback on a resume, prepare for a job interview and help you with job-search strategies. NAIT students and alumni can connect with a career advisor for these services. Appointments can be booked online through the MyNAIT portal by selecting academic supports, then academic advising


What is the Students' Association or Students' Union for NAIT students?

NAITSA is the Students' Association for NAIT students. NAITSA provides a wide variety of resources to support students in their personal, academic and professional lives. This includes keeping students informed, entertained, and making sure they stay happy and healthy without breaking their budget.

Can I opt out of the Student Health & Dental Plan and its associated fee?

Students with comparable coverage can opt out of the student health and dental plan. For more information, deadlines, and how to process your request, please visit My Student Plan or contact Please note that Alberta Health Care or Covenant Health are not comparable coverages.

Can I add my family to the Student Health & Dental Plan coverage?

Yes, you can add additional family members. For more information, deadlines, and how to process your request, please visit My Student Plan or contact

Can I opt out of the Recreation and Athletics fee and NAITSA fee?

The Recreation and Athletics fee and NAITSA fee are mandatory non-instructional fees (MNIF), which follow regulations of the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA). These fees are mandatory for all students. 

Why don't students have U-Pass this term?

The City of Edmonton and regional transit partners have been working collaboratively with the participating U-Pass Students’ Associations throughout the year. Due to most classes being offered online during the pandemic, it was agreed that Fall/2020 and Winter/2021 U-Passes will not be issued this year. While this decision remains in place, students do not have to pay for U-Pass. For more information about U-Pass and alternatives, please visit the U-Pass Alternative FAQ.