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NAIT’s official name is the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Our full name is used in regulatory and legal documents. Otherwise we are commonly known as NAIT.


NAIT’s descriptor ‘a leading polytechnic committed to your success' helps build an understanding of NAIT’s role as a polytechnic.

NAIT A Leading Polytechnic Logo

NAIT We Are Essential to Alberta Logo

NAIT's Vision, Promises and Values


NAIT’s logo is a shield featuring a globe with interlocking rays. The shield was chosen as a timeless symbol that denotes strength, dignity and wisdom. The globe and its interlocking rays represent NAIT’s connection to an expanding world of technology and knowledge. It also honours NAIT’s first logo - the Technology Globe.

NAIT Shield Logo

Logo Use - The NAIT logo symbolizes what NAIT stands for as a leading polytechnic and there are specific guidelines for use. Requests should be directed to branding@nait.ca with the details of your request.

Coat of Arms

NAIT's Coat of Arms places our logo’s shield and globe emblem at the centre with additional elements

  • Canada is represented by the maple leaf, and Alberta by the wild roses flanking the crest.
  • The open book is a symbol of NAIT's commitment to learning.
  • The hammer, a well-known symbol of the skilled trades, represents hands-on learning, a central philosophy in all NAIT education.
  • The key is a symbol of success and prosperity, and the power of education to open doors to the future.
  • Our motto, To Learn, To Do, To Succeed, appears in Latin: Discere, Efficere, Praestare.

NAIT Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Use - The NAIT Coat of Arms is the official symbol used to verify the authenticity of the certificates, diplomas, and degrees earned by NAIT graduates at formal ceremonies. It can also be used at the discretion of the Office of the President. It is for NAIT use only.

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