Waste and recycling

Keep our campus green

NAIT is committed to environmental and social sustainability. Our goal is to divert 80% of waste across our campuses from landfills by 2025 – and increase our goal to 90% by 2040.

Thanks to the actions taken by the NAIT community, we are making incredible progress. We improved our waste diversion from 35% in 2021 to approximately 55% by the end of 2022.  

Waste and recycling bins are located throughout NAIT campuses. Everyone can help divert waste by ensuring it is properly disposed in the correct bins.  

An image of the green space next to the Centre for Applied Technology

Help us divert waste


  • Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
  • Compostable containers and cutlery (certified)
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Food scraps and leftovers
  • Food-soiled cardboard and paper
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Meat and bones
  • Parchment paper

  • Spoiled food and dairy products

  • Used paper towels, tissues and napkins

  • Wood stir sticks and chopsticks

Mixed recyclables

Recyclables must be wiped or rinsed.

  • Aluminum pie plates, foil and shells
  • Aluminum and plastic beverage containers
  • Metal food containers and cans
  • Paper and cardboard (flattened)
  • Paper egg cartons and trays
  • Plastic containers (jugs, tubs, bottles, jars)
  • Staples, paper clips, metal hangers

Recyclable plastics:

Refundable beverage containers

Empty containers of as much liquid as possible.

  • Aluminum drink cans
  • Beverage cups
  • Coffee cups
  • Glass bottles
  • Juice cartons
  • Milk cartons
  • Plastic drink containers


  • Coffee and beverage cups
  • Candy and chip wrappers
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Plastics clamshell containers
  • Styrofoam
  • Plastic cups, straws and cutlery
  • Contaminated or dirty recyclables
  • Disposable gloves and masks
  • Mixed material items (e.g., Cardboard with metal food packaging)
  • Diapers
  • Butcher and wax paper
  • Butter wrappers

Hazardous waste and battery disposal

Hazardous waste and materials such as batteries and aerosol containers must be kept out from the garbage. Contact maintenance@nait.ca for information.

More recycling initatives

NAIT offers further waste diversion opportunities to keep more of our waste from entering the landfill. Some waste that we currently divert include:

  • Bone and fat waste
  • Cigarette waste
  • Confidential paper
  • Electronics
  • Light bulbs
  • Metal
  • Motor oil
  • Used cooking oil
  • Wood and wood pallets
  • Yard waste
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