Continuing Education FAQ

Here are some answers to some of the common questions related to Continuing Education at NAIT. You may also view these FAQs for international students and Student Services FAQ .

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Frequently asked questions

If your questions aren't answered below, please contact the Continuing Education Welcome Centre. Requests are typically processed within 3 to 5 business days.


How do I apply/register?

Except for our Academic Upgrading and ESL programs, you do not need to apply to get started. If you would like to join us for courses, you can enrol yourself through our website and complete your fee payment by VISA/MasterCard credit or debit card.

You can proceed to the course page and select “Add to Cart” beside the course dates of your choice. You will complete your payment once you are signed into your account.  A video walkthrough of this process is available at

Visit the ESL application page for details on how to register.

Visit the Academic Upgrading program page for details on how to register.

When is the deadline to register?

This can vary depending on the course or program. Some courses may have specific registration deadlines, which will be noted under “View Course Information”.

Space is limited, and our courses can fill up well before the scheduled start date. For best results, we recommend enrolling as soon as you are able. If the “add to cart” button is available on the website, you are welcome to enrol.

I am trying to sign up, but the shopping cart says “already enrolled in course, add not processed.” What do I do now?

You may have begun and not finished the checkout process in the last 24 hours. The course is on your MyNAIT portal waiting for secure online payment to confirm your seat in the class.

Please log in to your MyNAIT portal complete online payment through Self Service.

My course says “Add to Waitlist.” What does that mean?

If a course you wish to take says “Add to Waitlist” instead of “Add to Cart”, that means that there are no open seats for registration for that section.

You can add yourself to the waitlist at no charge for a chance to be enrolled if space becomes available. If you are enrolled from the waitlist, you will receive an email notice advising you to visit your student portal to make a payment.

Where possible, we recommend enrolling yourself in a different section with available space to ensure you can still complete the course even if you are not enrolled from the waitlist into your preferred section.

Do I need a NAIT student account to sign up for Continuing Education classes? How do I make one?

Yes, you do need a NAIT student account to sign up for Continuing Education classes.

If you are new to NAIT, we recommend creating a NAIT account for yourself first at and selecting “Sign Up”. When you are asked for a NAIT ID number, leave the space blank if you have not attended or applied to NAIT before, and our system will generate a new Student ID for you.

Once your account has been made, you can the website and select “Add to Cart” beside the course dates of your choosing. You will complete your payment once you are signed into your account with your new username and password.  More details including a video walkthrough of this process is available at

Funding options

How much does it cost?

Our course fees are listed on each program page. If you would like to see the total cost of a certificate, please add all the courses to the shopping cart.

The shopping cart on the right-hand side of the screen will add up the total tuition cost for your courses and give you the option to proceed to checkout if you would like to continue with your registration.

Any required textbooks, material costs or taxes will be described in the course information separately. 

What are my funding and payment options?

NAIT has a flexible payment option for continuing education classes. 10% of the cost is due upon enrolment (as well as material fees if applicable).

The remainder of tuition is due 30 days prior to class start date. Student aid funding is not available for continuing education classes.  

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

To be eligible for a refund, you must drop your course at least 10 calendar days before the class start date.

Please see the refund policy for more information.

Are there other fees for textbooks, memberships, hardware or equipment? If so, is it something I buy from NAIT, and how?

If textbooks, materials or software are required for an individual course, it will be noted in the course details. If software or other costs apply to a whole program, it will be listed in the program overview.

Most textbooks can be purchased directly from Shop at NAIT. The program area will provide further directions if your course requires textbooks, software or other materials that need to be purchased elsewhere. 

An organization (employer or community organization) wants to pay for my Continuing Education courses by invoice. How do we set this up?

Please submit a Third Party Sponsorship form for Continuing Education courses. 

This document needs to clearly identify the student, the course(s) requested, the start dates for each course requested, and the contact information of the sponsoring organization and invoicing contact. Once complete, submit the forms online

Courses, certificates and transfer credits

What are the prior knowledge and skill expectations (prerequisites) for Continuing Education courses?

The expectations before joining any of our programs will vary for each course and certificate. We will list prerequisites or recommended prior knowledge for each certificate on the program landing page, and for individual courses in the course information.

You can view individual course information by either clicking the course title or the “View Course Information” option under the course title.

Is there a recommended order to take each course in the certificate?

Most program areas list the courses in the recommended order and include any prerequisite information in the course Information description. If a course is listed as a pre-requisite, you would need to have completed the prerequisite to be able to register.

If a course is listed as “recommended” you can enrol without having the prerequisite on your record, which we only recommend doing if you have mastered the content of the recommended course through other work experience or education.

How long does it take to finish this program? Do I have a time limit?

Many Continuing Education programs are relatively short, and you have the benefit of taking individual courses as fit your schedule and budget.

Use the drop-down menu of dates beside the add to cart button to pick out a schedule that works for you.  We recommend completing most programs within 1-2 years wherever possible to help you maintain connections in your learning from course to course.

How do I request a certificate after I complete a course or program?

After you have completed all required courses associated with your program, you can request certification.

Download and submit the Request for Certificate form for Continuing Education programs. The form provides directions for where to submit your request.

Certificate requests typically take up to 6 weeks to be processed.

Can I get credit towards this credential for experience or past coursework.

Many programs will accept previous experience or coursework.

There is a fee and formal application process for transfer credit for previous course work or work experience. Learn more about transfer and credit options.

Technology requirements

The course description says “Mac, Chromebook or tablets are not supported." What are my options to attend virtual courses?

The statement about Windows vs. Mac is for classes that are taught on computers running Windows.

The instructor will be using a Windows operating system for these courses and will not be able to allocate instructional time navigating or troubleshooting differences between Mac/Windows OS.

Some students are comfortable doing that type of troubleshooting themselves, but there may also be software compatibility concerns for your individual course and the instructor will not able to provide direct technical support should you choose to proceed against the program’s recommendation.

What is Moodle, and how do I use it?

Moodle is the learning platform we use for many of our online courses.

If your course will be delivered through Moodle, you can access it by clicking the “Moodle” button right in your MyNAIT portal account. You will find your course linked in Moodle on the scheduled start date.