Student Aid, Loans, and Grants 

How to apply for student aid

In Alberta, student loans are referred to as Student Aid. Eligible students attending designated post-secondary programs can apply for student aid and grants to help pay for tuition, fees, and the cost of living. Once applications open, students can apply even before receiving program acceptance.

On your application use the NAIT school code:

Federal: BVAI
Out-of-province students, please use this on your government funding application

Provincial: 2221
Alberta students, please use this on your government funding application

Student aid resources

  How to apply to Alberta Student Aid as a NAIT student

If you’re an Alberta resident and wanting to apply for funding, watch this video for step by step instructions on how to prepare and apply for Alberta Student Aid as a NAIT student.

Applying in Alberta

Students require a verified MyAlberta Digital Identity account to access the Alberta Student Aid system. Learn more

In-province students can apply for financial aid through Alberta Student Aid. Student aid is awarded differently for full and part-time studies. Make sure you review your course load to know how to apply for funding.

Loan Eligibility

  • Full-time
    A student enrolled in at least 60 percent of a full-time course load; or a student with a permanent disability and approved through Learning Services to study at a reduced course load of at least 40 percent. Note: the number of credits required to meet a full-time course load varies by program.
  • Part-time
    A student registered in less than 60 percent of a full course load.'

Learn more about the number of credits required to be a full-time student

Apprentice students

Apprentices can now apply for loans and grants through Alberta Student Aid if you are attending a designated technical training program in Alberta, including part-time funding for Weekly Apprenticeship Training (WATs) or Distance Delivery.

Check with your student funding provider

NAIT’s definition of a full-time student may not be the same as your loan provider, such as  banks, government, or other student funding sources. Course loads vary by program and term level, which may require a student to be registered in more courses than the NAIT full-time definition in order to be considered full-time for financial assistance purposes. Check your Loan provider’s website to review your eligibility.

Getting your Student Award Letter

After your loan application is processed, you'll receive a Student Award Letter from Alberta Student Aid. In your letter, you will see your award for the upcoming academic year, when you can expect to receive your funds, and how your loan will be disbursed to you (for example, as a Canada Student Loan, Alberta Student Loan, grants, etc.).

Paying your tuition with student aid

If you are approved for aid through Alberta Student Aid before the tuition payment deadline, NAIT will electronically confirm your full-time enrolment and request that payment is sent directly from Alberta Student Aid.

If your loan does not cover the entire amount owing for tuition and fees, then you're responsible for paying the difference on or before the tuition payment deadline.

Out of province

Select your province or territory of residence to access the correct student loan application form.

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