Domestic Students Tuition and Fees

How much will first year cost?

The following estimates provide a cost breakdown of tuition, fees and approximate living costs for a domestic (Canadian) student at NAIT for one year of studies.

Total NAIT and living costs: $20,740*

Circular graphic displaying domestic student breakdown for first year academic costs at NAIT.
Circular infographic displaying estimated living costs for a domestic first year student at NAIT.

*This information is an estimated average of domestic student costs for one year. It will be updated periodically and may change without notice. Check your program’s page for a more detailed estimate of tuition, fees, and books and supplies. All fees are subject to change.

Tuition by program

To secure your place in your chosen course(s), you must pay your fees by the payment deadline. Apprenticeship and open studies students must make their full payment at time of enrolment. 

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Credit programs 2022/2023

The following program fees apply to domestic students who are enrolled in the 2022-23 Academic Year*. Fees are charged per term.

Tuition and Fees per term are made up of two types of fees: tuition and mandatory fees. Please see below for the tuition rate for each program. Please refer to Additional Fees and Expenses section for details on mandatory fees such as program and material fees, recreation and athletic fees, and NAITSA fees.

*Students that started before July 1, 2021 and are still enrolled in their program  (full-time, standard length to complete) should refer the Continuing Student Annual Tuition (pdf) document for further information. Tuition fees for students who withdrew from their program and returned after July 1, 2021 should refer to the table below.

Academic YearProgram NameMax Credits/TermPer Credit Rate
2022-2023Academic Upgrading*15$142.80
2022-2023Advanced Care Paramedic21$158.00
2022-2023Advanced Plumbing Technology15$240.00
2022-2023Advanced Welding Technology15$240.00
2022-2023Alternative Energy Technology18$147.00
2022-2023Animal Health Technology18$141.00
2022-2023Applied Financial Services15$169.00
2022-2023Architectural Technology18$147.00
2022-2023Automotive Service Technology 15$182.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology18$126.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Applied Business Administration15$179.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management18$232.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Business Administration 15$193.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op15$193.00
2022-2023Bachelor of Technology15$223.00
2022-2023Baking and Pastry Arts18$157.00
2022-2023Biological Sciences Technology18$153.00
2022-2023Conservation Biology18$153.00
2022-2023Environmental Monitoring and Assessment18$153.00
2022-2023Laboratory Research and Biotechnology18$153.00
2022-2023Biomedical Engineering Technology 18$173.00
2022-2023Biomedical Engineering Technology Co-op18$173.00
2022-2023Building Environmental Systems Technology18$182.00
2022-2023Business Administration15$193.00
2022-2023Captioning and Court Reporting18$177.00
2022-2023Chemical Engineering Technology24$165.00
2022-2023Chemical Technology18$169.00
2022-2023Chemical Technology Co-op18$169.00
2022-2023Civil Engineering Technology30$134.00
2022-2023Civil Engineering Technology Co-op25.5$134.00
2022-2023CNC Machinist Technician15$201.00
2022-2023Computer Engineering Technology18$148.00
2022-2023Computer Engineering Technology Co-op18$148.00
2022-2023Computer Network Administrator15$163.00
2022-2023Construction Engineering Technology18$152.00
2022-2023Court Transcription15$210.00
2022-2023Culinary Arts16$176.00
2022-2023Cybersecurity 15$425.00
2022-2023Data Analytics 15$381.00
2022-2023Dental Assisting15$350.00
2022-2023Dental Assisting Technology 22.5$128.00
2022-2023Dental Technology 18$134.00
2022-2023Denturist Technology18$179.00
2022-2023Diagnostic Medical Sonography18$195.00
2022-2023Digital Media and IT 21$169.00
2022-2023Digital Media and IT Co-op21$169.00
2022-2023Disaster and Emergency Management15$211.00
2022-2023Electrical Engineering Technology18$179.00
2022-2023Electrical Installations Technology15$210.00
2022-2023Electronics Engineering Technology18$149.00
2022-2023Electronics Engineering Technology Co-op18$149.00
2022-2023Engineering Design Technology18$153.00
2022-2023Food and Beverage Service12$192.00
2022-2023Forest Technology 18$134.00
2022-2023Geological Technology18$125.00
2022-2023Geomatics Engineering Technology18$171.00
2022-2023Graphic Communications15$157.00
2022-2023Hospitality Management15$163.00
2022-2023HVAC Refrigeration Technician15$179.00
2022-2023Industrial Heavy Equipment Technology18$146.00
2022-2023Instrumentation Engineering Technology18$167.00
2022-2023Instrumentation Engineering Technology Co-op18$167.00
2022-2023Interior Design Technology18$140.00
2022-2023Laboratory and X-Ray Technology Combined15$196.00
2022-2023Landscape Architectural Technology18$149.00
2022-2023Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1st Discipline18$154.00
2022-2023Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2nd Discipline27$204.00
2022-2023Materials Engineering Technology18$148.00
2022-2023Mechanical Engineering Technology18$147.00
2022-2023Medical Laboratory Technology 18$214.00
2022-2023Medical Laboratory Assisting18$171.00
2022-2023Medical Radiologic Technology15$223.00
2022-2023Millwork and Carpentry16$151.00
2022-2023Nanosystems Engineering Technology18$144.00
2022-2023Network Engineering Technology18$161.00
2022-2023Network Engineering Technology Co-op18$161.00
2022-2023Occupational Health and Safety18$155.00
2022-2023Open Studies15$280.00
2022-2023Optical Sciences - Eyeglasses19.5$102.00
2022-2023Optical Sciences - Contact Lenses22.5$127.00
2022-2023Personal Fitness Trainer15$170.00
2022-2023Petroleum Engineering Technology18$161.00
2022-2023Photographic Technology18$129.00
2022-2023Power Engineering Certificate (4th Class)18$148.00
2022-2023Power Engineering Technology18$155.00
2022-2023Pre-Employment Auto Body Repair12$203.00
2022-2023Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technology21$125.00
2022-2023Primary Care Paramedic 22.5$160.00
2022-2023Professional Meat Cutting19$132.00
2022-2023Radio and Television22$156.00
2022-2023Respiratory Therapy15$186.00
2022-2023Veterinary Medical Assistant16$151.00
2022-2023Water and Wastewater Technician24$203.00
2022-2023Wireless Systems Engineering Technology18$140.00

*If you're an Academic Upgrading student but decide to take courses outside of the program in addition to your upgrading courses, that tuition will be charged at $238 per credit.

Fees are subject to change without notice

Apprenticeship 2022/2023

The costs for apprentice courses are made up of two types of fees: tuition and mandatory fees. Please see below for the tuition fees. Please refer to Additional Fees and Expenses section for details on mandatory fees such as recreation and athletic fees, and NAITSA fees.

When registering for Apprenticeship training, students must make their full payment immediately. 

Tuition Fees

The following fees apply to apprentice students who are enrolled in the 2022-23 Academic Year. Fees are charged per term.

Class length


6 weeks


7 weeks


8 weeks


10 weeks


12 weeks


*If you're an Academic Upgrading student but decide to take courses outside of the program in addition to your upgrading courses, that tuition will be charged at $238 per credit.

Fees are subject to change without notice

Open Studies

The costs for Open Studies courses are made up of two types of fees: tuition and mandatory fees. You can refer to the Additional Fees and Expenses section for details on mandatory fees. Please note that U-Pass and Health and Dental benefits are mandatory fees for students enrolled in a single credit course at NAIT. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition for Open Studies is based on the credit value of each course you are enrolled in. Rates are subject to change each academic year. The below tuition fees apply to  students who are enrolled in the 2022-23 Academic Year.


Cost per credit

Domestic student Open Studies tuition


International student Open Studies tuition


Continuing Education

Tuition and fees for Continuing Education courses and programs vary and are due when you register.

Note: If your employer is paying your tuition or fees, you must fill out a Continuing Education Registration form and include it with the purchase requisition.

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