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Your step-by-step guide to preparing and enrolling in courses as an Open Studies student.

How to apply - Open Studies

While there is no application process for Open Studies, you will need to enrol online in each course you’d like to take at NAIT. Use this simple guide when preparing and enrolling in courses as an Open Studies student.

This is intended for reference only, as prerequisite requirements may vary. Not all courses have seats available for open studies students.

Before you enrol

1. Understanding Open Studies

What is Open Studies

Open Studies gives you the opportunity to enrol in credit program courses without having to be accepted into a program. It offers flexibility to take a variety of courses since it's not a specific program.

Learn more about Open Studies

Review Open Studies pathways

Some programs offer Open Studies pathways

For some NAIT programs, taking Open Studies courses can help you meet entrance requirements and give you a head start on your studies. Programs that offer these pathways will indicate them on their program page under entrance requirements.

For example, you may want to explore the:

Know the credit maximums

Stay within the credit limit

The maximum number of Open Studies credits you can take are:

  • 15 credits per term
  • 30 credits in your lifetime

If you reach your lifetime maximum, you need to apply to a program to continue taking credit courses at NAIT. You can apply to a program at any time; there's no need to max out your Open Studies credits first.

2. Find programs with Open Studies courses

View list of Open Studies courses

You can explore the full list of Open Studies courses for NAIT programs.

Be aware that not all NAIT courses are available for Open Studies. Each program determines which of their courses will be available and the number of Open Studies seats.

Prior to enrolling, we recommend you review all course pre-requisites to ensure you meet them.

Know your enrolment date

Typically, course enrolment for Open Studies students opens mid-summer for the upcoming academic year. When enrolment dates are finalized, they are posted on NAIT’s Academic Schedule.

Open Studies enrolment begins later

Be aware that course enrolment dates for Open Studies students are not the same as for students admitted to a program. Typically, enrolment opens later for Open Studies studies.

Plan your finances and review tuition costs

Open Studies tuition is based on the credit value of each course. You’ll need to be prepared to make full payment for Open Studies courses at the time of enrolling.

Take some time to view the estimated tuition cost at NAIT:

Domestic Tuition International Tuition

Enrolling in courses

3. Explore MyNAIT

Create a MyNAIT portal account

MyNAIT portal is where you will select and enrol in available Open Studies courses. If you're attending NAIT for the first time, you’ll need to create a MyNAIT portal account.  

Create a MyNAIT account

Have you attended NAIT before?

If so, use your existing NAIT student ID to login to MyNAIT. If you forgot your login information, simply reset your password.

MyNAIT support

If you ever need help navigating MyNAIT, visit the MyNAIT Self Service Guide for helpful tips.

Declare yourself as an Open Studies student

Be activated in the system

To become an Open Studies student, you need to be activated in the system. This step will depend on whether you’re new to NAIT or returning:

New students

If you’re attending NAIT for the first time, you’ll be prompted to declare yourself as an Open Studies student when enrolling in your first open studies class in MyNAIT.

  • You’ll find this option in the Manage Classes section of MyNAIT Self Service under Enroll into Credit Classes. It will indicate that you’re not active in a program and need to self-declare as an open studies student.

Returning students

If you’ve attended NAIT before or are returning for an open studies class, you’ll need to contact the Student Service Centre to activate your Open Studies status. We encourage you to complete this step before open studies enrolment opens to avoid any delays in your ability to enrol.

5. Start enrolling

Select and enrol in courses

Enrol in available seats

When enrolment opens for Open Studies, course enrolment in MyNAIT Self Service is on a first-come, first-served basis. Availability can change quickly, and if your preferred section is full, you may need to select an alternative course section.

How to select and enrol in Open Studies courses:

  1. Log in to your MyNAIT portal
  2. Select Open Self Service
  3. Choose the Manage Classes tile
  4. Select Enroll in Credit Classes on the left panel navigation
  5. Select the term you want to register for and search for your desired Open Studies course.

Need help enrolling? Follow this step by step guide (PDF).

Seeing a reserved seat error?

Sometimes courses may show available seats, but seats designated for Open Studies have already been filled, and remaining seats are reserved for specific programs or concentrations. If this happens, please explore other class options available at different dates or times.

Watch for course prerequisites

To enrol in a course you must meet its prerequisite and co-requisite requirements (if applicable):

  • A prerequisite is a course requirement that must be met before you can take another course.
  • A co-requisite is a course that must be taken at the same time as another. All prerequisite and co-requisite requirements are noted on course pages.


Some Open Studies courses offer waitlists. By joining a waitlist, you'll be enrolled automatically if a spot becomes available. Keep an eye on your e-letters in MyNAIT to be informed if you get into a waitlisted class; this is the only way notification will be sent.

Go to MyNAIT

Pay your course fees and tuition

Payment in full is required

Open Studies tuition is based on the credit value of each course. After choosing your Open Studies course, full payment is required at the time of enrolment. There are a variety of ways to pay.

Review Open Studies feesReview payment options

Need financial support?

  • Student loans are available for Open Studies students. Funding access is limited to a maximum of 12 months and will be applied towards the loan duration if you are accepted into a program.
  • Review and apply for scholarships, awards, grants and bursaries. Learn more.

After enrolling

6. Know your add/drop deadlines

Cancelling or changing your schedule

To secure your seat, full payment of Open Studies fees must be made at the time of course enrolment.

If you opt not to attend a course already added to your schedule, ensure you drop the course before the 12% drop deadline; failing to do so will result in no refund.

You cannot drop a class by simply not paying your fees.

View NAIT’s cancellation and refund policy Drop deadlines

Need more help?

Discover more resources for Open Studies students

Explore the following for more information about being an Open Studies student:

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