Open Studies

What is Open Studies?

Open Studies gives you the opportunity to enrol in courses from credit programs without having to be accepted into a program.

Because it’s not a program, Open Studies gives you the flexibility to take a variety of courses.

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Benefits of Open Studies

Discover the benefits of flexible study at NAIT. Find your fit with Open Studies.

  • experience one or many programs before you commit to applying
  • take courses for general interest without completing a full credential, like a diploma or a certificate
  • maintain your professional accreditation by taking only the courses you need
  • take that certain course you need for transfer credit
  • get a feel for the opportunities, culture, and expectations of different program
  • prepare for the reality of being a full-time student

Do academic dates and deadlines still apply?

Yes. The courses you take are still part of a program, so dates and deadlines specific for that program apply to you.

You will receive e-letters that have information from programs you are taking courses in.

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Credit maximum for Open Studies

Once you’ve reached your lifetime maximum, you must apply to a program to continue taking credit courses at NAIT. You can also apply to a program at any time – you do not have to max out your Open Studies credits first.

You will need to meet the entrance requirements for that program. Courses you have completed through Open Studies can count toward the program completion requirements if they are related to your program.

The maximum number of Open Studies credits you can take are

  • 15 credits per term
  • 30 credits in your lifetime

Open studies tuition and fees

Letter of Acceptance

Letters of Acceptance are not automatically sent to students who enrol in Open Studies courses. 

International students who are currently in Canada and enrolling in open studies courses are required to meet with an Academic Advisor at NAIT, and show proof of English Language Proficiency, in order to receive a letter of acceptance.

Meet with an advisor

English Language Proficiency 

All courses are taught in English.  NAIT students must be able to read, listen, speak and write in the English language having met one of the English Language Proficiency (ELP) standards summarized here.

If English is not your first language, your instructor may request the Registrar’s Office to confirm your English Language Proficiency.  If requested, you must provide existing proof you meet ELP standards.  If you are unable to provide this documentation, you may be withdrawn from your course and be ineligible for a tuition refund.

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