Grading System

Alpha Grading System

Percentage Letter Grade Grade Point Descriptor
90–100 A+ 4.0 Outstanding
83–89 A 4.0 Excellent
80–82 A- 3.7
77–79 B+ 3.3 Good
73–76 B 3.0
70–72 B- 2.7
67–69 C+ 2.3 Satisfactory*
63–66 C 2.0
60–62 C- 1.7
55–59 D+ 1.3  
50–54 D 1.0 Official Pass Mark**
0–49 F 0.0 Fail. No credit earned.
0 WF 0.0

Withdrawn Fail. Student withdrew from the course after the prescribed deadline. No credit earned.

*For credit programs effective July 2017, satisfactory is considered as "in good standing" at a term grade point average (TGPA) of 2.0.

**Unless a higher pass mark has been approved for the program. In which case, any grades below the minimum pass mark would result in a letter grade of ‘F’ and grade point of 0.0.

H/P/F Grading System

Courses with H/P/F grading system are not included in the calculation of GPA.

H Honours: course expectations have been exceeded.    

Pass: course expectations have been met.

F Fail: course expectations have not been met.    

Codes Not Included in GPA calculation


Course was audited. No credit earned.

CR Course credit awarded.

Continued. Part A completed for courses with two parts (A+B). Final grades and credits will be recorded on part B.


Student participates in Education Abroad and is enrolled in EXCH2000.


Student has been approved extended time to complete a deferred exam.


Incomplete. Student has been granted extended time to complete outstanding coursework.


Withdrawn. Student officially withdrew from the course prior to the prescribed deadline. No credit earned.

Transcripts from other post secondary institutions

If a transcript using an Alpha Grading System is submitted from another educational institution, NAIT will award the average percentage that coincides with the Letter Grade, eg., A+ would be given 95%.

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For more information about the NAIT Grading System, please review our Grades Procedure.

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