About Applied Research

As a polytechnic, NAIT partners with industry to develop applied research solutions that solve industry challenges.

How are we different?

Our applied research focuses on economic sectors that are anchored in Alberta’s and Canada’s rich natural resources.  We partner with businesses and communities to innovate and develop solutions that support the environment and sustainable development.

  • our focus; we are aligned to energize Canada's natural resources sector and the industries that support them
  • our people; our subject matter experts have experience in solving industry's challenges
  • our ability to access and enable funding opportunities to support multidisciplinary applied research collaborations
  • our ability to translate knowledge from applied research projects into professional upskilling and reskilling needed by industry
  • access to specialized facilities, equipment, tools and methodologies
  • we ensure that industry retains all intellectual property (IP) for the purpose of commercialization

NAIT, through its applied research initiatives, is a critical partner in Alberta and Canada’s innovation ecosystem, supporting the transition to a low carbon, net zero economy.

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Who we are

Our industry-trained research staff have extensive expertise in a wide range of fields and scientific disciplines. Explore their work, publications and research specializations to find an expert partner to lead your next research initiative. 

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Research Support Services 

From ideation to prototype deployment and everything in between, our research teams have the knowledge, experience and equipment to meet your needs.

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