Intellectual property

An important aspect of NAIT’s service model is that we do not retain any interest in any intellectual property (IP) developed in partnership with industry during the course of research or prototyping activities. Possession of IP is retained by the industry partner. 

View RI. 5.0 Intellectual Property in Research Policy (PDF) 

Supporting equity and inclusion in research

NAIT has adopted our first Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to serve and empower our communities. We are committed to fostering an environment where all people feel safe, valued and included.

Our commitment is rooted in our promises and values – the starting point of our journey to create meaningful change.

View NAIT Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy (PDF)

Through Connecting the Four Directions (PDF) we endeavour to bring Aboriginal ways of knowing to NAIT’s promises. We believe in the essential contributions of Aboriginal people and communities. 

We acknowledge our responsibility to develop opportunities with Aboriginal people and to accurately represent and include Aboriginal cultures, histories, and systems of knowledge relevant to Aboriginal communities and concerns. 

View Connecting the Four Directions (PDF)

NAIT’s commitment to uphold ethical conduct standards to govern its operations and interactions with all stakeholders. These policies are supported by the NAIT Research Ethics Board.

View GE 2.0 Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy (PDF)

NAIT believes that excellence in the workplace requires respect for diversity and inclusivity, and that all its employees should be treated with fairness and dignity in accordance with NAIT Values.

View Respectful Workplace Policy (PDF)

Information and data 

IT 2.0 Data Governance Policy (PDF)
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