About Us

Evolving Canada’s Industries. Creating Success.

Our goal is to help individual companies and broader industries in Alberta and Canada succeed in building a strong and prosperous economy.

Industry Solutions was created to expand our partnership with industry. Through NAIT’s Industry Solutions we provide services that ensure industry and businesses in Alberta are globally competitive – these services relate to productivity, industry-driven applied research, product development and testing training and certification and industry conferences and events.

The Opportunity

Since 1962, NAIT has worked directly with industry to train a skilled workforce that drives economic prosperity —that work continues to be at our core. As a leading polytechnic, we have an important role to play beyond educating students, which is helping companies innovate and evolve to become more competitive and more successful.

The advent of Industry Solutions and the Productivity and Innovation Centre allows NAIT to continue to work directly with industry to enhance your workforce needs, and focus on what you need to be more competitive and productive as a company.

Our Promise 

When we work with our industry partners we employ a continuous improvement cycle that is necessary for organizations to remain competitive. We believe that success is not about reaching a pinnacle and stopping; it’s about constantly striving for better.


We help organizations to evolve their ideas, processes, skill sets and products using a our combination of industry experts and the adoption of new and emerging technologies. 


We  support competitive organizations that are the foundation for a prosperous and sustainable economy. 


We know that when industry succeeds, our economy prospers. Our solutions help clients stay innovative and push the boundaries of success.  


Our partnership with clients is ongoing. As industries become more integrated and competitive, NAIT is responsive - making us a valued ongoing partner.

Productivity and Innovation Centre

At 190,000 square feet, the NAIT Productivity and Innovation Centre (PIC) features solutions for business innovation – much of which relates to productivity:

  • Product testing
  • Technology adoption
  • Training and certifications
  • Productivity and innovation 
  • Applied research
  • Industry conferences and events

The PIC building is located on the southeast side of Main Campus and is the home of Industry Solutions. We have numerous flexible workspaces that are adaptable in size and functionality, which gives our industry partners and clients a place to expand ideas and explore solutions. The building is designed to LEED Building and Construction certification standards, recognizing sustainability in design and construction. Solar panels installed above the glass canopy in the main foyer will generate 58 kilowatts of electricity per hour and will be used in distributed energy research.

NAIT is grateful for the $34.9M in funding from the Government of Canada’s Post-Secondary Institutions Strategic Investment Fund, which made the Productivity and Innovation Centre possible.