About NAIT  

Our Vision, Promises & Values

NAIT's Vision

We aspire to be the most relevant and responsive post-secondary institution in Canada and one of the world’s leading polytechnics.

 Being a polytechnic means:

  • we deliver technology based education across our programs
  • our education is experiential and hands-on
  • we work in partnership with industry
  • our applied research solves real problems

NAIT's Promises

NAIT's four promises of our vision include: 

Promise to Alberta

Promise to Alberta

NAIT’s primary focus is on meeting the current and emerging needs for polytechnic education and research in Alberta. NAIT is relevant and responsive, providing outstanding technical education. While serving the needs of Alberta, NAIT is globally competitive and recognized.

Promise to Students

Promise to Students

NAIT provides a positive student experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly. We prepare students to succeed in meaningful careers, find employment in their chosen field and have the skills necessary to have an immediate impact. 

Promise to Industry

Promise to Industry

NAIT produces an exceptional skilled workforce, aligned directly to industry needs. Our programs are developed with industry’s input and our research is industry driven to create enterprises that compete worldwide.

Promise to Staff

Promise to Staff

NAIT is one of Canada’s outstanding places to work, which follows from a culture of how we work together. This is reflected in our values of respect, collaboration, celebration, support and accountability.

Our Values

Our values define and describe how we interact with each other, and our expectations for each other.


We treat each other with respect, including behaviours of honesty, integrity, transparency, trust and an appreciation for diversity.


We work together to advance NAIT and its academic mission in fostering relationships and in building community.


We come together in fun and enjoyment to recognize accomplishments and successes and to show appreciation.


We support people through empowerment, providing a safe and caring workplace and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.


We are accountable, individually and collectively, to each other and to NAIT for our actions and for achieving our promises.

NAIT Values
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