FOIP FAQs - Alumni

Can the Institute disclose information on former student/graduates?

Yes. Section Section 40(1)(b) permits disclosure of personal information if it would not be an unreasonable invasion of a third party's personal privacy. Under section 17(2)(j), it would not be considered an unreasonable invasion of a former student's personal privacy to disclose that he/she had been enrolled in the Institute or in a particular program; that he/she had received and honour or award (including a degree, diploma or certificate) granted by the Institute; that he/she had attended or participated in a public event or activity related to the Institute (e.g., and open house, sporting event or competition, fundraising activity or cultural event); or that he/she graduated from the Institute. However, this type of information should not be disclosed if the former student or graduate has asked that the information not be disclosed (section 17(3)).

Can the Institute disclose the hometowns of its graduates without consent to the media?

NO. The Institute can disclose the names of graduates to the media. Under sections 40(1) and 17(2)(j), the disclosure of that information would not be considered an unreasonable invasion of the graduates' personal privacy. However, disclosing the names of their hometowns would require the graduates' consent. Consent for publication can be obtained at the time students apply for graduation.

Is a verbal consent to use photographs for promotion adequate or should waivers be signed where students are identified or identifiable?

The Act makes no provision for verbal consent. If the program in which the student is enrolled or participating is one where such promotion is a reasonable use of a photograph, then this use should be stated in the disclosure statement provided at the time of collection. (eg. sports teams, music program, fine arts programs). If the promotion is not a regular part of the program, specific written consent should be obtained prior to use of a photograph.

Can the Institute disclose names of graduates to its Alumni Association or to its Development office?

Yes, in accordance with Sections 39(2) and (3) and 40(1). Under Section 39(3), unless an individual has requested that his/her personal information not be disclosed, the Institute may disclose the names of graduates to its Alumni Association for alumni purposes (e.g. providing information about discounted services; benefits; travel, educational or cultural events; seeking feedback on institutional issues). Under Section 39(2), but always subject to sub-section (3), the Institute may also use personal information in its alumni records for the purpose of its own fundraising activities. Under Section 40(2), the Institute may disclose personal information in its alumni records for the purpose of its own fundraising activities if the Institute and the person or entity to whom or which the information is disclosed enter into a written agreement that requires the Institute to stop using an individual's personal information at the individual's request.

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