What does Custody and Control mean?

Custody generally means physical possession of a record by NAIT. This includes situations where the business records of a third party are stored on the premises of NAIT. There may also be situations where NAIT uses a record storage centre or a faculty member retains student records/grades at home. In these circumstances, the Institute still has custody of the records.

Control is when NAIT has the authority to manage the records throughout its life cycle, including directing and administering its use or disclosure. Indicators that a record may be in NAIT's custody or control are as follows.

  • The record was created by an employee or officer of NAIT.
  • The record was created by an outside contracted consultant for NAIT.
  • The record is closely integrated with other records of NAIT.
  • The content of the record relates to NAIT's mandate and functions.
  • A contract permits NAIT to inspect, review or copy records produced, received or acquired by a contractor as a result of a contract.
  • NAIT has relied on the record to a substantial extent.
  • NAIT has the authority to regulate the record's use and disposition.
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