Credit for Work or Life Experience

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

NAIT recognizes that knowledge and skills are gained in different ways. To support our community of learners, NAIT will occasionally award appropriate credit or recognition for prior learning obtained through informal training or work or life experience. This process is referred to as Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR).

Course credit may be granted to applicants who have presented suitable evidence that their skills and knowledge are equal to students who have completed the curriculum, based on the outcomes identified for each course.

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Students must have been accepted to their NAIT credit program before submitting a request for Transfer Credit, Credential Recognition or PLAR. Open Studies students are not eligible to apply for advanced credit as they have not been accepted to a NAIT program.

It will take a maximum of 6 weeks to complete your RPL assessment.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

If you have been accepted to one of the programs listed below, you will need to pay a $150 evaluation fee for each course challenged to have your prior learning assessed. Please check the candidate guide on your program web page to identify which courses are formalized for PLAR credit.

How to Apply for PLAR Credit:

  1. Access the program page and review the details under the Advance Credit - PLAR (Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition) section.
  2. To understand the validation requirements and assessment details for each course, please refer to the courses identified and listed within the Candidate Guide on your Program webpage – Advance Credit section. If you have any questions, you may contact your Program area.
  3. If you feel that you may be a successful candidate for PLAR, you may complete the PLAR Credit Request form and send directly to
  4. Your request will be reviewed within 3-5 days and you will be notified by e-mail with next steps and if payment information.  It is important that you continue to check your e-mail periodically as notifications can impact important deadlines. 
  5. You are encouraged to enrol in your classes to secure your spot while you are awaiting a decision.

Impact to student awards, financial aid, and academic honours

Advanced credit may help you achieve your educational goals sooner, but it may affect your eligibility for student awards, financial aid or academic honours.

Only the courses completed at NAIT will count towards determining full-time status for student awards, financial aid, and academic honours eligibility.

Funding Options

Review Funding Options for more information about scholarships, bursaries, student aid, loans, and grants.

Academic Honours

For more information on academic honours, please review the Academic Standing Procedure.