Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation

Transforming patient care through medical simulation, education, technology and applied research.

Pushing the limits of simulation training

NAIT's Simulation Centre re-creates the real world of health-care careers   Find out more

A look inside Canada's only ambulance simulator

Built on a motion platform, NAIT students get to learn emergency response in a one-of-a-kind ambulance box simulator giving them the chance to respond to virtual, life-like situations.   Find out more

About the Simulation Centre

The Simulation Centre at NAIT is a state-of-the-art interactive and interdisciplinary centre that gives students in the School of Health and Life Sciences the opportunity to practice clinical situations in a safe and controlled environment. Located in the Feltham Centre (CAT), the Simulation Centre offers over 6,000 square feet of learning space with true-to-life work experiences for students and partners.


NAIT Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation

Transforming patient care through medical simulation, education, technology and applied research.


We support hands-on immersive simulation in a flexible interprofessional setting to ensure the highest standard of quality interactive education. Our goal is to enhance patient safety for students and industry professionals by providing adaptable real-world scenarios.

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Inside the Simulation Centre

This unique 6,000 square foot centre features a wide array of immersive learning spaces. The Centre combines 9 specialized theatres, 4 elevated control rooms, 5 ground control rooms and multiple breakout rooms to debrief and view simulations as they happen.

Take a Look Inside the Simulation Centre

Paramedic Simulation

CAE Centre of Excellence

CAE Healthcare and NAIT have entered a simulation research partnership to improve health-care education and patient safety, including support for the polytechnic's simulation research initiatives. An international leader in the field of simulation-based education and training for healthcare, CAE Healthcare has also certified NAIT as a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence.

According to CAE Healthcare, a Centre of Excellence must meet the following criteria, they

  • must actively contribute to the body of knowledge through simulation research and development
  • they must have a clearly defined mission focused on patient safety through the use of simulation
  • as leaders in simulation, Centre of Excellence institutions must promote excellence, and also share their experiences and knowledge with the wider simulation community
  • they must promote the use of simulation to drive evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice
  • they must have a national or regional presence in healthcare simulation and recognized authority in the field.
Simulation Centre at NAIT

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