About CAMS

The Centre for Advanced Medical Simulation (CAMS)  enhances patient safety, provides real-world clinical simulation training  for students and educators, and fills the gap from concept to validation in the current health innovation space by providing access to safe, realistic and available environments to test products, services, and prototypes.   

Our Mission

Transform patient care through medical simulation, education, technology, and applied research.

Our Vision

Support hands-on, immersive simulation in a flexible, interprofessional setting to ensure the highest standard of quality, interactive education.

Our Goal

Enhance patient safety for students and industry professionals by providing adaptable, real-world scenarios.

Partners and funding providers

Alberta Innovates - Health Innovation Platform Partnerships (HIPP)

The Alberta Innovates HIPP program partners with like-minded organizations to help build a health innovation ecosystem that encourages growth and a competitive advantage for Alberta innovators. These Platform Partnerships will help Alberta’s innovators in the health industry overcome the hurdles associated with developing products and product-market fit, ensuring business readiness and complying with regulatory requirements.

The NAIT CAMS Innovation Platform has received two rounds of funding from Alberta Innovates. The initial $200,000 grant allowed NAIT to conduct market research and create a proof of concept, which was tested by two Alberta medical device companies.  With funds received from the second $1.27M grant, the NAIT CAMS Innovation Platform will  focus on helping  companies test products and services for commercialization, developing training materials for the products and services, and expanding NAIT’s reach to companies and innovators across Alberta and Canada.

Learn more about Alberta Innovates

CAE Centre of Excellence

CAE Healthcare and NAIT have entered a simulation research partnership to improve healthcare education and patient safety, including support for the polytechnic's simulation research initiatives. CAE Healthcare is an international leader in the field of simulation-based education and training and has certified NAIT as a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence. 

In order to be certified as a CAE Healthcare Centre of Excellence, NAIT meets the following criteria: 

  1. Actively contribute to the body of knowledge through simulation research and development

  2. Have a clearly defined mission focused on patient safety through the use of simulation

  3. As leaders in simulation, Centre of Excellence institutions must promote excellence, and also share their experiences and knowledge with the wider simulation community

  4. Promote the use of simulation to drive evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice

  5. Have a national or regional presence in healthcare simulation and recognized authority in the field.

Society for Simulation in Healthcare

CAMS is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH).  CAMS has accreditation in the Core and Teaching/Education requirements. The process is a peer-reviewed customized evaluation of the simulation program.  

Policies and Procedures

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