Work Integrated Learning

Gain valuable work experience during your NAIT program

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a form of experiential learning that integrates academic studies with relevant work-based learning. WIL experiences are directly tied to curriculum and part of an approved program of study. At NAIT, there are several types of WIL placements including:

  • co-ops
  • field placements
  • clinical placements
  • mandatory professional practices

Because of the variety of types of WIL at NAIT, these experiences may differ in length, pre-requisites and an assortment of both paid and unpaid experiences. Some of these experiences are mandatory and are required for industry accreditations, and some are optional as an opportunity to gain industry experience and practice program outcomes.

WIL at NAIT offers  unique and valuable  educational opportunities, such as  the development of learning outcomes that lead to employability, the assessment of learning outcomes, purposeful reflection, an engaged partnership between the institution, the student, and a host-organization, and a meaningful, supervised experience.

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Everyone benefits from WIL experiences


Benefits of learning through WIL
  • Understand more about career opportunities, expectations and requirements of the professional field.
  • Apply classroom knowledge in a real-world environment, increase opportunities for employment after graduation.
  • Create networking opportunities in your chosen industry.
  • Develop and improve communication, interpersonal and employment skills. 
  • Practice job placement skills including job search, resume preparation and interviewing.
  • Possibility of  financial benefits if the placement is paid.
  • International students will gain Canadian work experience.


Benefits of hiring NAIT students
  • Creates opportunities to engage in the educational process, assisting the institution in ensuring industry needs are met.
  • Allows employers access to fresh, new ideas from students.
  • Allows employers to address short-term staffing needs for special projects or peak season relief.
  • Employers can evalulate students for potential future employment.
  • Provide employees with an opportunity to gain leadership experience.
  • Projects a positive image from an organization – students come back to campus and become  goodwill ambassadors after their placement.

 International students 

For international students, a WIL placement can provide valuable opportunities to gain Canadian work experience. However, a Co-op Work Permit is required for international students to participate in a WIL experience. Applying and receiving this permit can take time so please apply as soon as possible. To learn more, visit

To find out which programs offer WIL, please visit the program listing page below. For any additional questions contact the program area or email

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