Industry Engagement

The School of Applied Sciences and Technology, and NAIT as a whole, has made promises to our students, industry and Alberta.

In order to ensure we make good on our promises, we have partnered with industry to ensure our students receive a quality education that is practical and specific to careers that are in demand in our province.

We then develop students who contribute to 7 key industry sectors across our province and around the world. 

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Industry consultation

Each year, our programs are reviewed by members of our program advisory councils (PACs) to ensure students are learning everything they need to be successful in the workforce. Topics discussed include program curriculum and desired outcomes, new industry innovations and challenges and program needs such as equipment, work-integrated learning participants and field trip opportunities.

The education we provide includes training with industry-standard tools and equipment, field trips and labs that provide hands-on learning, and work-integrated learning experiences that puts student learning to the test.

OHS OfficerWork-integrated learning

What better way to learn about a job than jumping in and giving it a try? Many of our programs include the option for students to apply professional skills and theoretical understanding in a workplace setting through practicum, co-op and work experience. 

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Hire a NAIT student

Are you an employer looking for temporary student employees? Reach out to a member of our friendly work-integrated learning (WIL) team to find out how you can join our program!

Cindy Bustamante B.A.
Work-Integrated Learning Coordinator
School of Applied Sciences and Technology
Phone: 780-378-1177

Accreditation and professional associations

We also work with professional associations and accreditation bodies to ensure our programs are delivering the highest standard of education while always keeping the needs of Albertan industry front-of-mind.

Program accreditation

Many of our technology programs have recently become accredited or are going through the accreditation process as outlined by Technology Accreditation Canada (TAC). The rigorous process of accreditation ensures our programs are current, meet the lofty standards set by TAC and provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

 Professional association membership

Thanks to strong partnerships with professional associations like the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), we maintain close ties to industry professionals and ensure we understand current needs of industry. We also ensure our programs help students gain the requirements needed for membership in professional associations in order to network and boast professional credibility.

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