Aboriginal Applicants

Admissions pathways for Aboriginal students

We offer admissions pathways for Aboriginal applicants to help you pursue your education goals and achieve your potential at NAIT. If you meet the eligibility requirements detailed below and the minimum entrance requirements for a program, the pathways allow you to gain admission to a NAIT program with a competitive entrance and/or program interview requirement.

This admissions policy offers equitable access to programs and celebrates our culturally diverse NAIT community. You’ll find information below about the 2 admissions pathways for Aboriginal applicants. We encourage you to review your program page to see if your program is competitive or if an interview process is a part of the application. You can check by reviewing the entrance requirements under the How to Apply tab.

NAIT programs that currently accept this admissions pathway include:

Competitive entrance programs

If you are an Aboriginal applicant and meet the minimum entrance requirements for a competitive program, but have not met the program’s competitive entrance requirements, you will be considered for direct admission according to the date your application was completed.

Any unfilled designated seats will be released on Tuesday, March 1 to the remaining applicant pool. After Tuesday, March 1, qualified Aboriginal applicants are placed on a waitlist according to the date their application is completed.

Competitive programs with an admissions interview

For programs with an interview requirement, Aboriginal applicants who meet the minimum entrance requirements do not need to participate in a program interview or meet the competitive academic average required for high school courses.

Instead, applicants will be invited by the program to share their personal story with a small NAIT committee, which includes an Aboriginal community member from NAIT. Your story can be provided as a written or oral submission. It’s your opportunity to answer a series of questions that provide insight into the things that are important to you, any challenges you have overcome, and what you have learned through your experiences. We encourage you to be true to yourself and provide specific examples.

A small committee will read or watch your story. This committee will then invite you to join them for an in-person conversation so they can learn more about you and your experiences.

Personal story invitations and in-person conversations will be offered 3 times a year – in January, March and May. The timing of your invitations will be based on when your completed application was submitted.

As application deadline for majority of health programs is Tuesday, Feb. 15, please complete your application before this date. If this date has past, please contact the Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre for next steps.

How do I qualify?

You are considered an Aboriginal applicant if you are a Status Indian/First Nations, Non-Status Indian/First Nations, Métis or Inuit person of Canada.

To qualify for this admissions pathway, you must:

  1. Self-declare as an Aboriginal applicant when completing your application
  2. Meet the definition of an Aboriginal applicant
  3. Meet the minimum entrance requirements for each program

All eligible Aboriginal applicants will be considered for the Aboriginal admissions pathway.

Sharing your personal story

Aboriginal people are storytellers. Traditionally, responsive and transformative learnings are passed from elders through stories. Sharing your personal story allows you to share your diverse experiences, learnings and provide insight into who you are and your aspirations as a NAIT student. The personal story is only applicable to competitive programs with an admissions interview component.

Story questions

You may provide your story as a written or video submission. You will be contacted with instructions on how to complete your personal story. Take time to reflect and think about your answers to the following questions as you will be required to respond to these in your submission. We encourage you to be true to yourself and provide specific examples.


  1. Reflect on a time where you faced a difficult situation. Please provide details about the situation and what made it difficult. Finally, share with us how  you overcame the situation and what you learned. Please provide specific examples.
  2. NAIT’s healthcare programs are often intense and demanding so resiliency and well-being will play an important role in your NAIT journey. If challenges arise, what tips and strategies do you typically use to overcome them?
  3. NAIT offers a variety of services available to students, including academic support, community groups, and health and well-being resources. If you ever need support during your time at NAIT, which service would you use and why?

Community engagement and caretaking

  1. Healthcare workers play a critical role in taking care of their community. Tell us how you’ve taken on responsibilities or activities that have benefited those around you. This could be an example of how you have contributed to your community in a meaningful way.
  2. To effectively take care of others, healthcare workers must also take care of themselves. Tell us about the activities or practices you participate in that support your well-being and foster a positive mindset.


  1. Why did you choose to pursue a career in healthcare?
  2. Share a story that showcases your suitability for a career in healthcare. This could be a story of how you solved a problem in a professional manner, or how you overcame a challenge,  demonstrated bravery, etc.

How NAIT considers your story

A small committee will evaluate all story submissions and in-person conversations. There is no correct answer as each story will be as unique as the individual behind it. Based on your initial submission and in-person conversation, you will be assessed with the following criteria.

Evaluation criteria Description
  • How do you persevere through difficult situations?
  • How do you learn from your experiences?
  • If challenges arise, how do you remain resilient?
  • Have you taken time to explore the supports and services available at NAIT?
  • Have you demonstrated why you want to work in the healthcare technology field?
  • What makes you suitable for this career?
Community engagement and caretaking
  • Have you demonstrated awareness and care for the needs of others?
  • How have you contributed to your community in a meaningful way?
  • How do you manage your responsibilities?
  • Do you have practices that support your own well-being?
  • Have you considered the questions and provided thoughtful and insightful responses?
  • Have you provided detailed and relevant examples to support your answers? A well-thought-out answer will provide insight into your personality, goals, and experiences.
  • Effective communication is an important component to all steps in the healthcare process. Have you answered questions in a complete, clear, and concise manner?
  • Have you provided genuine and insightful answers to the questions? Did you provide stories that were authentic and true to who you are?

Additional resources

To learn more about these admissions pathways and other opportunities available to you, please book an appointment with a NAIT recruiter or submit an inquiry through the Contact Form, selecting the topic: Aboriginal students. 

You can also learn more about the Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre, a community gathering place committed to ensuring Aboriginal student success both inside and outside of the classroom.