Tickets & Violations

Parking Services maintains ongoing enforcement across all parking zones on campus. Vehicles may also be towed at the owner’s expense.

The City of Edmonton maintains a high level of parking enforcement in residential areas around NAIT. With the Metro Line and to reduce traffic around campus, members of the NAIT community are encouraged to use public transit whenever feasible.

What counts as a violation?

Please be advised that NAIT Parking Services tickets and tows vehicles on all campuses as follows.

  • Vehicles parked illegally in:
    • reserved stalls during applicable times
    • No Parking zones
    • emergency access routes
    • within 5 metres of a crosswalk, intersection, fire hydrant or yield/stop sign
  • Vehicles parked in a way that presents a safety risk to pedestrians and other users
  • Vehicles without a valid parking permit

Parking Terms and Conditions

Limitation of liability

Any motor vehicle parked, operated or driven on campus will be solely at the risk of the owner and operator. NAIT will not be liable for any damages occasioned to any such motor vehicle, the operator, other occupants thereof or any other person. Owners and operators of motor vehicles must ensure that they abide by federal, provincial and municipal legislation.

Where stalls are rented with electrical plug-ins, NAIT will endeavour to maintain reasonable and reliable services when temperatures drop below -10°C. As NAIT is committed to energy conservation, the parking lots – as well as other mechanical systems – are subject to load-shedding and cycling. If any damage or inconvenience is occasioned to any motor vehicle being removed, towed away or impounded pursuant to these regulations, neither NAIT nor its servants or agents will be liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for the damage or inconvenience. Nothing in this paragraph will affect the liability of any independent contractor carrying out the removal, towing away or impoundment of the vehicle.

Tow regulations

Vehicles that are consistently violating NAIT’s parking Terms and Conditions may be towed whether or not payment for parking has been made.

Payment of fines

NAIT Parking tickets are issued on behalf of the City of Edmonton. For payment information, please visit the City of Edmonton website.

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