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Here are some of the many ways NAIT is working to build a greener, more sustainable campus

Cast a green light on campus 
Over 90% of lights at Main Campus have been converted to LED or T8 bulbs, which use 25% to 30% less energy.

Keep more water on tap 
The Centre for Applied Technology, NAIT’s first building to be certified LEED Gold, saves 16 million litres of water per year through low-flow fixtures.

A new whey to fertilize 
More than 600 litres whey protein was diverted from the landfill by using it as a substitute for fertilizer on campus in the summer of 2017. (Whey protein is a byproduct of cheese and yogurt making used by NAIT’s Culinary Arts program.)

Blemished veggies taste just as great 
NAIT’s food services department, eat AT NAIT, reduces food waste by using over 300 kilograms (700 lbs) of imperfect cucumbers and tomatoes every few weeks. These vegetables would otherwise be thrown away due to minor blemishes and imperfections.

Keep it clean. Keep it green. 
NAIT’s custodial services uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that reduce the use of harmful chemicals, as well as paper products made from recycled materials.

Don’t dispose. Divert. 
NAIT diverted 82% of organic, recyclable and other waste from the landfill in 2017. This works out to be 1,406 metric tonnes out of 1,712 metric tonnes of total waste.

Recycle batteries free of charge
Staff and students can drop off batteries from portable electronic devices for recycling at locations around campus.

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