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NAIT’s actions and attitudes on equity, diversity and inclusion will be guided by four principles, which form the foundation from which our communities will rise together.


NAIT has identified equity, diversity and inclusion as institutional commitments and we are mindful of them when allocating time, effort, budget and resources.


The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy is a continuous project that evolves with our communities. The actions it inspires in our institution and in each of us will also evolve.

Shared responsibility

NAIT engages everyone to play an active role in building a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community.


NAIT provides all community members with the tools and ability to implement meaningful change.


EDI Principles

Our commitments and actions

NAIT has made three commitments to advance equity, diversity and inclusion. Each commitment will be supported by strategic and institutional actions.

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We advance equity

We remove systemic barriers for marginalized populations.

We develop and review policies and procedures through the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion.

We use the lenses of equity, diversity and inclusion in the creation and allocation of space and place.

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We build a diverse community

Our student recruitment and retention practices reinforce our commitment to diversity. 

Our human resources practices reinforce our commitment to diversity.

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We cultivate an inclusive community

NAIT community members are equipped to support equity, diversity and inclusion.

NAIT community members foster inclusive learning and working environments.

We celebrate the diversity of the NAIT community.

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