Circular Economy

Work with us to ensure waste, such as plastic and industrial residual materials, are kept out of the environment. We offer innovative solutions that result in environmental benefits, economic growth and cost savings.

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Cleaner Energy

Our applied research supports the responsible development of cleaner energy resources by providing services and expertise to help reduce, mitigate, or eliminate negative impacts of energy industry activities.

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Digital and Virtual Environments

Transform your operations and unlock growth with our experts in data-driven solutions and innovative software applications including AR/VR and motion capture.

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Food Product Development

NAIT is helping the food industry develop new concepts and products that meet changing consumer demands and create a healthier, more sustainable future.

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Industrial Process Automation

Increase your operational efficiencies with process automation applications that continuously monitor and control systems. Our services range from microcontroller-based data acquisition systems design, remote data communications to custom cloud interfacing and data management.

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Land Management and Restoration

NAIT’s applied research is focused on the restoration and sustainable use of land and freshwater ecosystems, strengthening Canada’s natural resources sectors and the industries that support them.

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Explore what’s possible

As one of Canada’s leading research polytechnics, we help industry create and improve processes, technologies, and services. Our tailor-made solutions address complex problems industries are facing, positioning us to drive greater impact for our economy.

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Innovation driven 

NAIT’s applied research is focused on the advancement of clean technology and sustainable development. We strengthen economic sectors that are anchored in Alberta’s and Canada’s rich natural resources.

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Impact through collaboration

NAIT’s multidisciplinary researchers help you realize your idea and share it with the world. We work with organizations of all sizes to develop proposals and apply for funding to get projects off the ground.

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The force behind our applied research

NAIT’s research experts apply their knowledge to projects that create a positive impact. We are scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, and research administrators that have the technical capabilities and hands on experience to bring your ideas to life.  

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Our Success

Where Innovation meets Tradition: CBC showcases the Centre for Boreal Research

CBC features NAIT Applied Research's Centre for Boreal Research and their innovative approach to indigenous engagement.

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Jan. 24, 2024

Transforming Plastic Waste: PRIA's Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Plastics Research In Action leads the fight against plastic waste by developing novel recycling technologies

Dec. 05, 2023

CBC puts the spotlight on the next generation of researchers and projects at NAIT

CBC Our Edmonton highlights the high-level research taking place within Applied Research at NAIT.

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Mar. 27, 2023

How a NAIT researcher is building community around tailings pond research

‘Book club’ creator Dr. Heather Kaminsky shares info to encourage collaboration

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