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Secret sauce: NAIT's Applied Research Centre for Culinary Innovation creates unique misos using Alberta pulses

Derived from Alberta split peas and beans, ingredient adds flavour and complexity

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Sustainability through Engineering: Dr. Adetoyese Oyedun's Mission

Engineers Canada featues NAIT Applied Research's own Dr. Oydeun and his journey for environmental sustainability

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Where Innovation meets Tradition: CBC showcases the Centre for Boreal Research

CBC features NAIT Applied Research's Centre for Boreal Research and their innovative approach to indigenous engagement.

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Jan. 24, 2024

Transforming Plastic Waste: PRIA's Journey Towards a Sustainable Future

Plastics Research In Action leads the fight against plastic waste by developing novel recycling technologies

Dec. 05, 2023

CBC puts the spotlight on the next generation of researchers and projects at NAIT

CBC Our Edmonton highlights the high-level research taking place within Applied Research at NAIT.

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Mar. 27, 2023

How a NAIT researcher is building community around tailings pond research

‘Book club’ creator Dr. Heather Kaminsky shares info to encourage collaboration

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Mar. 27, 2023

NAIT researcher shares his passion for science and research with the public

CBC Edmonton AM interviews the Telus World of Science - Edmonton 2023 Science Fellow

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Mar. 02, 2023

Telus World of Science – Edmonton announces NAIT researcher as their 2023 Science Fellow

Focused on microplastics research in the North Saskatchewan River, this researcher will share his knowledge and expertise with the science centre’s guests.

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Feb. 15, 2023

How to add 'sizzle' to meat-free products

NAIT researcher weighs in on the flavour of meat-free products.

Jan. 27, 2023

NAIT once again ranks in the top 10 of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges

This ranking acknowledges the value and impact NAIT delivers to businesses and communities through innovation.

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