Program Interviews

In-person or online interviews

In some cases, programs may include an in-person or online interview as part of the application process in addition to evaluating a student’s academic qualifications. For these programs, final selection for admittance is based strictly on interview scores.

The following are examples of some of the NAIT programs that require admissions interviews for competitive entrance:

Review your program page to see if the interview process is a part of the application.

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How to get an interview

  • Applicants deemed as competitive are shortlisted for interviews.
  • The first round of interviews will occur in December for shortlisted applicants who complete their applications by November 1. The second round of interviews for all other shortlisted applicants take place in April.
  • Those selected for an interview are contacted with instructions on how to complete the interview.
  • Applicants with prior NAIT Health and Life Sciences credentials, or who have completed at least one approved Open Studies course in the School of Health and Life Sciences with a minimum of 75%, may be given special consideration for the interview shortlist.

Preparing for your interview

Transition Services offers a variety of guides, resources and workshops to help you prepare for your interview.

  • Health program interview workshops
  • Interview preparation questions and guides
  • Tips for how to set up your web camera, microphone and other online interview necessities

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