International Peer Mentors

The International Peer Mentors (IPM) are a team of volunteer student leaders at NAIT who provide peer-to-peer support to reduce cultural barriers for students who are new to studying in Canada. The IPMs do this by facilitating social connections, leading conversations, sharing their experiences, and creating opportunities for intercultural interactions.

International Peer Mentor application is now open! We are looking for student volunteers who are passionate about creating a supportive and inclusive environment for at NAIT other students at NAIT, especially those who are new to studying in Canada. Share your knowledge and experience in supporting student’s transition to life in Edmonton and NAIT.

Review the details of the IPM application process.

International Peer Mentor Application (pdf)

2019/2020 International Peer Mentors
International Peer Mentor

Meet with an International Peer Mentor

Are you looking forward to meeting with the International Peer Mentors and other students at NAIT who are also new to Canada? The Student Mentee Signup form will be available in early August. Stay tuned and check back for updates!

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