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NESL818 - Workplace Communication and Safety Strategies (ESL) 1

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Knowing how to communicate effectively in the workplace is essential to becoming an active and contributing member of an organizational team and promoting increased levels of safety in the workplace. An important part of this course is understanding how your communication affects those around you. Communicative ability is not only about the individual - it's about the team. This course is intended for those seeking to gain or increase communicative competencies related to Canadian culture and safety in the workplace. Participants will increase their knowledge of communication and digital literacy strategies, as well as develop communicative cultural awareness in the workplace. Participants will also gain awareness of how their communicative abilities impact others around them in the collective workforce. Building safety-awareness competencies that aim to reduce workplace incidents caused by communication deficiencies will be emphasized throughout this 40-hour course. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have built confidence in communicating in face-to-face and online interactions in the Canadian workplace. This course is ideal for individuals looking to increase their employability by building their knowledge of workplace communication and safety, as well as employers who want to provide their employees an opportunity for additional support.

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