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CITC965 - Leadership Communication - Diversity & Building Collaborative Relationships

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Leadership Communication - Diversity
Today’s leaders play a critical role in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, one that can leverage multiplicity to flourish in the global marketplace. Explore the impact that diverse, inclusive working environments have on decision-making, problem-solving, innovation, and customer service.
Learn techniques of influencing employees to adopt workplace practices that sustain or enhance diversity and inclusion. The skills obtained in this course will assist you in extending your organization’s capacity to integrate diversity and inclusiveness into your workplace practices.

Building Collaborative Relationships
Explore the relational competencies required to be a strong leader in today’s diverse workplace. The skills you develop in this course will assist you to create and optimize collaborative relationships with employees, peers, and other leaders in your organization.
Build rapport, foster collaboration, and cultivate a network of solid and inspiring relationships with colleagues, stakeholders, and people in other organizations.

Total: 7 hours

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