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CITC954 - Innovation and Strategic Implementation & Negotiation

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Course Overview

Understanding how to think more creatively and how to instill a culture of innovation within the organization are key skills for leaders. Leaders must have the ability to develop effective and innovative approaches to solving problems and implementing creative solutions in a strategic manner in order to ensure the continued success of the organization.

Effective leaders need to demonstrate an understanding of various strategies and approaches to thinking creatively and for promoting creative thinking with the people they lead. Leaders also need to demonstrate effective negotiation strategies. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to describe strategies and tools to instill innovation and to use negotiation skills in your work environment.

This course will provide you with a greater understanding and the skills to think more strategically and gain new perspectives regarding how to look for innovative ways to change the status quo and improve your organization. This session will include relevant theories, combined with individual reflection, and interactive group exercises and discussions, as well as practical exercises, to reinforce newly acquired skills and knowledge.

This course will also provide you the tools to effectively use negotiation skills. Upon completion of this course you will be able to describe various negotiation methods which will offer you a chance to discover your own negotiation style, enhances your negotiation skills, and provides you opportunities to apply and practice the four foundations of negotiation skills.

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