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CITC953 - Effective Performance Management & Feedback and Difficult Conversations

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Effective Performance Management
Examine how exceptional leaders manage performance in today’s diverse, complex workplace. Learn how leaders use performance management to enhance employee motivation and their organization’s capacity to meet its goals.
Identify your personal areas of strength in performance management and discuss how they can be leveraged to further enhance your performance management. Skills gained in this course will allow you to explore the concept of performance management as an iterative cycle that supports a thriving culture of continuous improvement.

Feedback and Difficult Conversations
Master open communication, relationship building, goal setting, and follow-through techniques that support employees to be their best. Explore how employee feedback contributes to informed leadership practice and professional development.
With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to use purposeful conversations to enhance individual and team motivation, support employee development, and optimize employee performance.

Total: 7 hours

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