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CITC952 - Strengths-Based Approach & Leadership Communication

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Strengths-Based Approach
Learn strengths-based techniques to enhance employee engagement, self-determination, performance, and professional development. Discuss how job-crafting, a process whereby employees redefine their jobs by integrating their strengths, motives, and passions, aligns with the strengths-based approach. Create a personalized job-crafting Action Plan to support your leadership framework and development.
A growing body of research indicates a correlation between exemplary performance and a strengths orientation towards job task assignment, team selection, and professional development. As a result, today’s leaders are increasingly adopting strengths-based practices to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

Leadership Communication Skills
Discuss the impact of communication style on perceptions of leadership, employee motivation and morale, and workplace efficiencies. Skills attained in this course will help you to minimize communication distortion by applying strategies that enhance perceptions and understanding. Discuss communications planning, monitoring, and revising strategies that foster employee trust, collaboration, and innovation.
Leadership communication plays a vital role in shaping process and product efficacy, employee morale, and organizational sustainability. Today’s leaders play a critical role in ensuring that organizational communication practices positively influence employees and the marketplace.

Total: 7 hours

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