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This project ended on Dec 01, 2019.

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Innovation Challenge

The Mawji Centre and entrepreneurial-minded students need your help! The Innovation Challenge provides a platform and competition for students to think in new ways, create deliverables and work together. These skills are part of what makes Alberta the province with the highest rate of entrepreneurship. We need your support to increase awareness about the challenge. Students need to know about it in order to participate!

Imagine the Potential

Your help is the key to reach more talented students!

The Innovation Challenge attracts bright students from across campus to reimagine a product into something with more social, environmental or economic value. Students sharpen their creative thinking, marketing and collaborative skills while competing and taking steps towards being an entrepreneur on their own.

A donation of just $20 can provide more students with the opportunity to participate and learn from this experience.

"It was insightful to work with others to develop something new. You have to come up with ideas, you have to think outside the box. I think it's important to expand this program across NAIT to engage more students to think creatively and develop entrepreneurship skills by finding a process or idea that can be better, different or less wasteful."

- Marcelo Borges, member of the 2019 1st place team

About the Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship

The Mawji Centre delivers hands-on, experiential learning to prepare students with fundamental skills for every stage of their entrepreneurial journey – from ideation to creation to commercialization to exit. Guided by an Advisory Council, which includes local entrepreneurs and business leaders, the Centre’s programming is student-focused to support their goals, passions and skills to be successful in Alberta’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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