Four Directions Bursary

Aboriginal students often face significant systemic barriers—especially when pursuing post-secondary education, and providing financial assistance is one way to help remove some of those barriers. 

The Four Directions Bursary is for Aboriginal (First Nation (Status and Non-Status), Métis, & Inuit) students who have been directly or indirectly impacted by the Canadian Indian Residential School system. This bursary is aligned with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action 10 and 11 to “provide sufficient/adequate funding” to Aboriginal students.  

Aboriginal people are fighting to overcome the aftermath of residential schools. Obtaining post-secondary education is an important part of that fight. But the cost is a significant barrier. You can be part of the solution by donating to the Four Directions Bursary endowment.

Four ways your support of this bursary makes a difference

  1. Help remove some of the systemic barriers Aboriginal students face 
  2. Ensure more representation from Aboriginal students in post-secondary
  3. Bolster Indigenous ways of knowing in post-secondary institutions
  4. Support a more inclusive environment for Aboriginal students

“It was a wonderful surprise when I received the Four Directions Bursary a few months ago. It helped me provide for my family and gave me an extra push to continue striving and get through days when I wake up and think, ‘I can’t do this.’” 

Kelly Orr
2023 Four Directions Bursary Recipient

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Loretta Gladue 2022 Four Directions Bursary Recipient

"My post-secondary experience has not been easy, but receiving the Four Directions Bursary and other financial assistance helped me focus on my academics and worry less about money. I am determined to use the knowledge I have gained at NAIT to assist future generations in reaching  their full academic potential."

Loretta Gladue
2022 Four Directions Bursary Recipient
Bachelor of Business Administration ‘22