NAIT it Forward

Faculty and staff giving campaign

NAIT it Forward – our annual faculty and staff fundraising campaign starts September 20, 2023

By contributing to scholarships, bursaries and improved student services through NAIT it Forward, donors can directly contribute to easing the pressures that many students face. For example:

  • Student awards and bursaries - provide much needed funds to students, lessening their financial burdens and often freeing up more time, for those also working, to dedicate to coursework. 
  • Counseling services - donations helps make these health and well-being services and programs available when they are needed.  
  • NAIT Fund -  allows for the creation and maintenance of continually evolving student initiatives, such as tutoring, peer mentorship and peer Outreach & Well-being Leaders (OWLs), student awards and emergency bursaries, and learning spaces.

Every gift counts 

Through the course of their work, faculty and staff impact NAIT students in many varied and meaningful ways. One additional way they can help students is to give a financial gift through NAIT it Forward. Participation is key and donations of any amount are appreciated. Whatever can be contributed makes a difference and 100% of each gift  goes directly towards supporting NAIT students. In 2022, NAIT staff raised $74,180 to support NAIT students.

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