Lunch Menu from April 27-June 3


Ernest's menus will be a rotating chalkboard menu  if you have questions, please ask your student server or Ernest's staff member for details or assistance.

We are only offering the Ernest's  Eat, Learn, Celebrate lunch special:  3-Course: Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert  $16 (plus tax)

From coast to coast to coast, across the breadth of our great country, Ernest’s dining room at NAIT (or NAIT Culinary) has been influenced by many great chefs. From Michael Stadtlander to Rod Butters to Jeremy Charles, these Chefs in Residence share in a single vision…the unshakable belief that one should celebrate all that is grown, harvested, or bountiful from where you live. Ernest’s shares in this philosophy and passes those beliefs onto each student that graces our kitchen. Help us eat, learn, and celebrate the food artisans, the farmers, the ranchers, the fishermen, and our students!

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lunch menu appetizer

Choice of  item 
will change daily  



lunch menu soup

Ask Server may not be sold daily


lunch menu entrée

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will change daily  



lunch menu dessert

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Will change daily  


Specialty Coffees

Featuring Nespresso
Flavors include regular, caramel and vanilla

Espresso  3.5​

Cappuccino    4

Latte    4.5