Grad Gown & Hood

Look your best on Convocation day! Order your grad gown, discover what hood colour you'll be wearing and learn how to pin it the right way. 

Ordering your graduation gown souvenir package

You’ve put in the hard work and now it’s time to get dressed in your gown best! 

If you’ve already applied to attend Convocation, then it’s time to order your Grad Gown Souvenir Package. All students attending Convocation must purchase a grad gown package, which consists of:

  • A graduation gown, cap and tassel for you to keep as a souvenir
  • A hood denoting your academic discipline and credential that is rented from NAIT

Order your Grad Gown Souvenir Package before June 3, 2024 for the early bird price of $49.95+tax.* After June 3, the price increases to $59.95+tax*. In order to attend Convocation, you must order your gown by June 17. Once online ordering closes, it will not be reopened.

Purchase your grad gown onlineVisit shop at NAIT on Main Campus

*This is a final sale. Refunds will only be issued for students who apply to attend Convocation and do not meet graduation requirements. To qualify for this refund, you will need to show the email from the Registrar’s Office confirming you have not met requirements.

Picking up your graduation gown souvenir package

Grad gown pick up times:
June 11 & 12: 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (shop AT NAIT)
June 13 & 14: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (shop AT NAIT and Shaw theatre lobby across from shop)
June 15: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (shop AT NAIT and Shaw theatre lobby across from shop)

*For select health students who will hear whether they’ve been approved to attend Convocation by June 10, you can pick up your gown packages on select dates in June highlighted above or before your ceremony at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

If you are not able to pick up your gown on campus during the times listed above, you can send someone else. If someone else picks up your gown, please ensure they have your order confirmation and an email is sent to with your authorization for that person to pick up your gown. 

If you live out of province and don’t have someone who can pick up your gown, you can pick it up before your graduation ceremony at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Please mention this request in the notes section when ordering your gown, so we can put your gown aside to bring with us to the ceremony. Make sure you arrive at the ceremony at least an hour before the event start time.  

Returning your rented hood

Please note that hoods are NAIT property and must be returned by July 15, 2024. There will be return boxes available at Convocation on June 24, 25 and 26 where you can drop off your rented hood after the ceremony. Otherwise, you can return your rented hood to shop AT NAIT on Main Campus following Convocation. Each hood has a unique barcode that will be assigned to you, so we can easily track returns.

If the hood is not returned by the rental return date, a financial hold will be placed on all NAIT services (ex. registration and requests for transcripts or diplomas) until the product is returned or the replacement cost is paid in full to NAIT Cash Office. The cost of replacement of these hoods is $125.00.

How to pin your hood or liripipe

Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to pin your hood or liripipe (leer-ee-pipe) to your gown based on the credential you’re earning.

Use the steps below or see how it's done by Bachelor of Technology student Renata Medeiros. You can jump ahead in the video by hovering over the timeline and clicking on the section that is most relevant for you. 

Degree, applied degree, diploma or apprenticeship graduates: 

  1. Place the middle of the hood across the front of your gown with the extra fabric draped over both shoulders
  2. Roll to top your hood fabric to reveal the inside colour on the shoulder
  3. Pin the hood fabric near both shoulders with supplied pins to prevent the hood from falling down during the ceremony 

Certificate graduates

If you’re graduating with a certificate, you will wear a liripipe instead of a hood. The liripipe is to be placed over the left shoulder and secured with supplied pins.

Returning your hood or liripipe

When returning your hood or liripipe after the ceremony, make sure to remove all pins. You can drop off your rented hood or liripipe in the return bins after your Convocation ceremony.

The scoop on hoods

A hood is a piece of fabric that is rented from NAIT and pinned over top of your gown.

There’s more to your hood than meets the eye! At NAIT, hood colours and designs denote your academic discipline and what credential you’ve earned.

Check out our Guide to NAIT Hoods by Credential and Discipline to see the colour and design you’ll be proudly wearing.

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