Congratulatory video and photo submissions

Submissions are now closed

Content submissions for Convocation 2024 are now closed. We would like to thank all graduates for their submissions, we can't wait to celebrate with you on June 24 - 26! 

Submissions for Convocation 2025 will re-open again next spring. Please check back for updates. 

What you can submit

You can submit photos and/or videos. Participation is voluntary and completely optional. By submitting your photo(s) and video(s), you agree that NAIT has the right to showcase your content without additional consent forms required. Submission does not guarantee usage.

Photo submissions

students taking a group selfie at NAIT campus
Types of photos you can submit: 
  • Selfies of yourself.

  • Group photos of yourself and your peers.
  • Photos should represent your NAIT experience, whether you learned on campus or online, or a blend of both.

Video submissions

screenshots of student submitted videos
What types of videos you can submit: 
  • A video of yourself saying congratulatory message to the class of 2024.
  • A group video of yourself and your friends saying congratulatory message to the class of 2024. 

Need help with your videos? Refer to the prompts and filming tips below!

Prompts for video submissions

  • What are some of the highlights of your journey at NAIT? (and/or what is your favourite memory at NAIT)?

  • Were there any challenges you overcame at NAIT?
  • What are you excited to do next, now that you've graduated?
  • Please share a special message for your fellow graduates congratulating them on this milestone.

Tips for filming

Here are some filming tips to help you submit high quality videos: 

  1. Make sure it looks good 
    • Use a tri-pod, or place your recording device on a sturdy surface such as on top of a book stack or a shelf.
    • Film in a well-lit place.
    • Make sure you're centered in the frame.
    • Try to get the camera as near to eye level as you can (we want to avoid low-angle shots as much as possible).
  2. Make sure it sounds good
    • Film your video in or near a silent environment.
    • Film multiple takes if you need to get it right. 
    • Playback your video and make sure that your sound input is good. 
  3. Don't worrry about editing
    • You don't need to make edits or cut down your video. The video team will make edits if neccessary.
  4. Have fun!
    • This is the most important tip! Make sure you have fun filming and let your personality shine through.
    • This will be a celebratory, upbeat video, so we encourage you to film with excitement and enthusiasm! 

Need inspo? Check out last year's Convocation videos!


NAIT Convocation 2023 Student Video

Compilation video of congratulatory messages from students for the class of 2023.  


NAIT Convocation 2023 Retrospective Video

Photo slide show of NAIT students and staff throughout the years to celebrate their achievements and memories at NAIT. 


Is participation voluntary?

Participation is voluntary and completely optional.

Who can submit content?

We ask that only students who are graduating submit photos and videos. 

How many photos and videos can I submit?

You can submit as many photos and videos as you like. However, please note that we may not use all submissions. 

Do I need to sign a consent and release form?

You will not need to sign a consent and release form for self submissions, as your act of submitting content inherently grants us permission to use your photos and videos. 

When is the deadline?

The deadline for self submissions have passed. Submissions for Convocation 2025 will re-open again next spring. Please check back for updates.

I have additional questions

If you have additional questions, please email

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