Jill of All Trades

A day to inspire a career in the skilled trades for young women in grades 10-12 

Jill of all Trades is a day-long event with the goal of introducing female and female identifying high school students to the prospect of a rewarding career in the skilled trades. You will participate in hands-on workshops across NAIT’s main campus and hear from women currently working in the field to discover a trade you can pursue. 

Upcoming event:
Thursday, November 21, 2024

Interested in volunteering or supporting the event? Contact joat@nait.ca to get involved with Jill of All Trades at NAIT. 

A day in the trades 

At Jill of all Trades, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with mentors – many who are women – who will help develop a better understanding of the benefits of a career in the skilled trades. Mentors include NAIT faculty, alumni, and members of industry. 

You will also participate in up to 3 hands-on workshops in trades of your choice. These include trades that can begin a career in: 

  • Manufacturing, fabrication, and maintenance

  • Construction 

  • Mechanical installations

  • Transportation

  • Electrical installations 

  • Industrial automation and design 

Why a career in the skilled trades?

Skilled trades will continue to be in high demand as there will be more than 256,000 new apprentices needed over the next 5 years in Canada.* This provides endless opportunities for a rewarding and meaningful career that is essential to communities across Canada.  

A career in the skilled trades can provide financial security and independence, benefits, and the opportunity to work in many important industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, oil and gas, and renewable energy.   

At NAIT, we offer several pathways into a skilled trades career including:  

*Source: Government of Canada 

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at NAIT

NAIT is committed to fostering a learning environment where all people feel safe, valued and included.  At NAIT, you are part of a community that makes a difference in the lives of students, staff and industry clients and partners. The NAIT culture reflects our shared values of respect, collaboration, celebration, creativity, and accountability. We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and are a proud partner of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion and Pride at Work Canada.  

Learn more about NAIT’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

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