Student Rights & Responsibilities

NAIT is committed to providing a learning environment that supports respect and safety within our community. Every student has the right to an inclusive learning environment that respects NAIT's values and is free from discrimination and the right to a learning environment that is safe, free from violence and harassment. 

Anyone who has applied to, been admitted to or has enrolled in a NAIT course or program is accountable to the NAIT Student Rights and Responsibilities policy as well as the Academic Regulations and Procedures.


Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy

NAIT values respect, collaboration, celebration, support, and accountability. As a community, we believe that all students have certain rights that protect and support them through their education. These rights come with responsibilities to ensure that everyone is treated in a way that aligns with NAIT values.

The NAIT Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy (pdf)

NAIT Policies and Procedures

NAIT provides a positive student experience that encompasses students’ mental, emotional and physical well-being and defines success broadly. We prepare students to succeed in meaningful careers, find employment in their chosen field and have the skills necessary to have an immediate impact.

 NAIT Policies and Procedures

NAIT Ombudsperson

NAIT Ombudsperson

The Ombudsperson at NAIT offers confidential, unbiased support if you are dealing with a conflict or situation at the institution.

Contact the Ombudsperson as soon as possible if you:

  • believe you have been treated unfairly
  • are unsure of your options
  • are having difficulty with your program or a staff member at NAIT
  • need help understanding how NAIT’s policies and procedures apply to you

If you are a current NAIT student, please visit the Ombudsperson page on the Student Services for more information.

Student Resolution Office and Student

Student Resolution Office

The Student Resolution Office is your primary resource for anything related to your rights and responsibilities as a student. Our office provides members of the NAIT community with guidance and management of conflict and conduct cases.

Contact the Student Resolution Office as soon as possible if you

  • feel your student rights have been violated
  • feel someone has not upheld their responsibilities

The Student Resolution Office provides

  • conflict resolution services
  • coaching and support to help you navigate conflict on your own
  • formal complaint support and guidance
  • educational resources and support programs

Please email the Student Resolution Office or call 780.491.5468 for more information.