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NAIT provides you with academic supports and resources to help you succeed in school.

We want you to feel supported, comfortable and happy to be at NAIT. We’ll work with you to find the services you might need while attending NAIT.

From career advisement, financial assistance to our international exchange program – we’ll help you make the most of your NAIT education.

Academic Support Services

Assessments and Placement Testing

The NAIT Assessment Centre offers a variety of assessment services to NAIT students and instructors, non-NAIT students and external organizations/institutions.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

A safe campus starts with all of us. Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a NAIT student.

Learning Services

Get help with your studies on campus or online. Meet with a learning advisor, professional tutor, learning strategist, and others who can help you meet your learning goals.

Career Advising

Career Advising

Advisors in the Student Service Centre support prospective students, current students, and alumni who are making education or career decisions. We approach advising from a developmental perspective, which means we want to support you in tying your academic, career, and personal goals together. We believe you are the best person to make a decision and create a plan for yourself, but that can be a challenging process so we are here to help you explore the information and options that will help you decide and plan well.

Transition Services

Library and learning spaces

We provide engaging spaces for individual or group work, seating areas, and a large collection of print and online resources. You can print, copy or scan, borrow resources, or access ebooks and ejournals online. Use the Library Services website to book a collaboration room, or check out how to do 3D printing or sound editing in new makerspace areas. We're happy to provide assignment help so you can develop strong research and citation skills. Visit us in person, or use chat to contact us - we have great staff who provide expert support for all your library needs.

Library Services

Library and learning spaces
Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Get a world-class education — literally. Once you are in your second year of studies, you can enhance your NAIT education by immersing yourself in other cultures and gaining practical, hands-on experience through our study abroad opportunities.

Live in a different country, learn a new language and gain cross-cultural experiences – all while going to school!

NAIT’s international exchange program allows you to attend classes at a school in a different country. Immerse yourself in new ways of learning and different customs and cultures.

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Campus Resources

Nîsôhkamâtotân Centre

A community gathering place where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students can gather to network, study and share their post-secondary learning experiences.

International Centre

NAIT’s International Centre provides services that support international students as they transition and settle in Canada.

Mawji Centre

We are an on-campus resource for students, entrepreneurs and alumni. Sign up for events, get advice or use our co-work space. It's free for all students!

Explore your program options

There are many different ways to experience a NAIT education, from full-time diploma programs and apprenticeships to part-time degrees. Let us help you choose what's right for you.

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Are you a current student?

Visit the Student Services site