Dietary Options & Nutrition

Please note: Currently, all eat AT NAIT locations are closed until further notice.

We know you work hard, that’s why nutritious food to fuel your body and mind is so important to us. At NAIT, we offer a variety of healthy options so that you can grab the right snack and finish those assignment.

Halal at NAIT

Customers who follow halal dietary guidelines can choose from a variety of halal items at NAIT.

Halal at NAIT (PDF)

Gluten-Free Friendly at NAIT

If you suffer from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, we offer a variety of Gluten Free Friendly (GFF) items at NAIT.

Gluten-Free at NAIT (PDF)

Vegan at NAIT

We offer a variety of healthy, vegan options so that you can grab the right snack and  finish those assignments.

Vegan options at NAIT (PDF)

CRAVE - Feel Good Food

The CRAVE food program is your answer to eating healthy on campus. Our Registered Dietitian has prepared a delicious menu to ensure you have options to support healthy eating goals. All menu items labelled with the CRAVE logo have been designed to meet specific nutrition targets allowing you full disclosure on all the ingredients used.

CRAVE Wellness Wednesday

Featured at the Blue Plate in Common Market, each week we offer delicious and unique meals that have been analyzed for calories, fat, fibre, sodium and added sugars.

Other wellness options 

Green Bowl salads

Salads in the green bowls at the salad bar in the Common Market are prepared using ingredients that are lower in fat, sodium and high in fibre. They are made with lean meat, whole grains and healthy fats.

Grab and Go items

Look for salads, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, fruit, veggies, and more in the cooler sections of all eat AT NAIT locations

Check out Twitter and Instagram for posts and pictures of menu items that we carry in our eat AT NAIT locations. If you have feedback or questions about food options, please contact our Registered Dietitian Nick at

For general information on healthier eating, visit Canada’s Food Guide for Healthy Eating website.