Career Posting Policies

NAIT Career Connect is a job posting system where employers can publish opportunities for NAIT alumni and students, including apprentices.

To access the system, employers must comply with all equal employment opportunity standards (Alberta Human Rights Act 7(b)). In addition, all job postings on NAIT Career Connect need to comply with the policies below:

  1. Career opportunities posted must be relevant to the program(s) selected. Part-time (less than 20 hours per week) opportunities will be considered and potentially posted to the non-program specific/soft skill development tab.
  2. Employers should disclose their name in the posting (i.e. no third party recruiters who do not identify their clients). Names are necessary to allow students to research their potential employer and to facilitate job fit.
  3. Sales/commission-based/franchise opportunities.
    1. We do not allow recruitment for 100% commission-based positions. There must be at least a minimum wage guarantee (refer to Alberta Minimum Wage information).
    2. All postings for sales, commission-based, or franchise opportunities must provide the following details:
      1. Detailed description of the job responsibilities
      2. Compensation arrangements (i.e. how income will be calculated)
      3. Potential earnings and guaranteed earnings must be clearly distinguished in the posting
      4. Lengths of required training and any costs associated with the trainings
      5. Any applicable start-up costs (franchise fee, demo kit costs, travel/accommodation costs, etc.)
      6. Any financial obligations or penalties if the students/graduates choose to leave the position
    3. Volunteer opportunities will not be posted. Consider submitting volunteer opportunities to NAIT Students’ Association
  4. International Opportunities

    Due to the high level of risk involved with going abroad, we require that all recruitment activities for international opportunities clearly explain the following details:

    1. Where the opportunities will take place
    2. Main tasks and responsibilities of the position
    3. The formal structure of the program if it is an internship, cultural exchange, or ESL teaching program
    4. Application process and policies
    5. Any applicable required training or fees
    6. How the student or graduate will be supported while abroad
  5. Private Home Opportunities

    Postings from private individuals must clearly indicate the following:

    1. Where the opportunities will take place
    2. Main tasks, expectations, and responsibilities of the position
    3. Compensation and applicable reimbursements (mileage, purchases, etc.)

With further questions, please contact or 780.471.8899.


NAIT Employer Services reserves the right to edit, delete or refuse any employer job posting or login access to organizations that are not in compliance with the above mentioned policies. NAIT does not screen the postings of employment to this site nor does NAIT conduct any background checks of employers posting employment positions. The provision of this job search/employment posting service does not constitute an endorsement by NAIT of any of the employers posting positions. Interview arrangements and any employment resulting from use of this service are between the student and the employer only. Students are reminded to exercise caution with respect to disclosure of personal information. It is also important that all users of this service read Symplicity’s Terms of Service and NAIT’s Career Posting Policies above prior to listing a position or responding to a job listing.

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