How much will first year cost?

At NAIT, the cost of your education can vary depending on the program. The following is an estimate of the typical costs of a domestic student per 2 semesters in 2020/2021 academic year. See here to find estimates for international students.

How much will first year cost?

Please note: This information is an estimated average of first-year costs for domestic students. Learn more about financial estimates for international students. It will be updated periodically and may change without notice. Check your program’s page for a more detailed estimate of tuition, fees, and books and supplies. Students who take all of their courses online are exempt from the U-Pass for transit, Health & Dental and Recreation & Athletics fees.

The importance of planning ahead

Whatever your financial needs may be, it's essential to plan ahead. Just like thinking through all the classes you need to take to complete your program, it’s critical to create a sound financial plan that will cover the cost of tuition, books, and life as a student.

Keep track of deadlines and know when and from where your funding is coming. It takes time to apply for and receive loans, bursaries, and scholarships, so make sure you start planning well before class begins.

Paying for an education may seem daunting, but there are many options available to help cover the cost of school. And if you need advice or assistance making sense of your funding options, make sure to take advantage of NAIT’s financial services and resources.

Meet with a student advisor

Budgeting for student life

Tuition and Fees

Whether you're new to NAIT or a returning student, this is the place to find the answers to your questions about tuition and fees.

Funding Options

NAIT supports over 4,000 students with over $6 million in scholarships and bursaries each year.

Books and Supplies

shop AT NAIT is your one stop shop for learning resources, supplies, NAIT apparel, tech accessories and more.

Health Care

International students at NAIT have great options for health and dental care in Alberta.

Living in Edmonton

There are plenty of fun and affordable things to see and do in Edmonton and Alberta.


There are tons of great housing options available in Edmonton. Explore the housing options available to NAIT students.