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Share your input as we continue the presidential search 

As part of our search for NAIT’s seventh president, we invited our students, staff and stakeholders to provide input about the leadership competencies (knowledge, skills and abilities) and personal attributes they believe would be important as we prepare to select our next president. Feedback will be considered as we finalize the job profile used in the search.

We also welcomed comments regarding what our NAIT community believes to be the top priorities and opportunities for a new president.

The survey is now closed. It ran from October 3-18, 2019. We thank everyone who took the survey for providing your valuable feedback. A summary of the feedback is now posted.

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NAIT's Engagement Framework

We believe engagement and decision-making can and should take many forms, and we recognize there are appropriate times to empower, collaborate, involve, discuss or inform individuals and groups as decisions are being made.

We are engaging stakeholders through the discuss level of our engagement framework. As we finalize the job profile, stakeholders will be heard, and their feedback considered.

NAIT's Engagement Framework was adapted from the IAP2 Spectrum